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You Can’t Make it Right if You Didn’t Know it Was Wrong

There have been many times that I’ve said things that have hurt people. Most of those times I had no idea that what I said was hurtful. In my early twenties I was pretty arrogant. I would literally say whatever was in my head and not even think about how it would make other people feel. I thought I knew it all. I thought … Read More You Can’t Make it Right if You Didn’t Know it Was Wrong

It Has Been a Struggle

I know it’s been a while since I posted. I’m sorry. I have a hard time writing when I’m stressed and boy have I been stressed. Let me just tell you about it because I just feel like I need to get it all off my chest. 2021 has been a real shitty year so far. First I had a bit of a falling … Read More It Has Been a Struggle

Why It’s Okay to Not Have Everything Figured Out

Change is human.

The Many Jobs I’ve Had (There Have Been a Lot)

From retail to MLM, I’ve done a lot.

8 Mistakes I Made in My 20’s

Eight of many…

Dream Series #14

I dreamt that I was being tortured. I was kidnapped, strapped to a bed and was cut in certain places and left to bleed out. I actually felt the pain in my dream. Which is unusual. It was probably just the memory of being cut that made me remember the pain. I bled a lot. I read that if you dream of being tortured, … Read More Dream Series #14

Dream Series #12

Come reminisce with me.

The Days of My Life: Episode 2

January 16, 2019 Will the congestion never end?! I am so ready to be able to breathe out of my nose again. Now that that is out of the way, how are you? I’m sitting here while my three year old watches Coraline. My littlest has been napping for the past 3 hours, which is crazy. My husband just got home from work. I need … Read More The Days of My Life: Episode 2

The Days of My Life

January 1, 2019 So I’m a stay at home mom now. It happened unexpectedly. I was let go at my job, it was a seasonal position that I wasn’t expecting to lose until at least June so this was a shock to me. After doing the numbers and seeing what was left over after all the bills were paid we can make it on … Read More The Days of My Life