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Six Years of Marriage

Today is our six year anniversary. It does and it doesn’t feel like it’s been that long. It does because we have children. It doesn’t because I’m just really happy with him. Let me just tell y’all. I was in a really unhappy relationship when I met Marc. I had never been with someone that I felt fit me, I hadn’t enjoyed an intimate … Read More Six Years of Marriage

Dream Series #14

I dreamt that I was being tortured. I was kidnapped, strapped to a bed and was cut in certain places and left to bleed out. I actually felt the pain in my dream. Which is unusual. It was probably just the memory of being cut that made me remember the pain. I bled a lot. I read that if you dream of being tortured, … Read More Dream Series #14

Happy Birthday, Avery!

Today is my little sister’s birthday. She’s five years younger than me and the third born in my family. Growing up we didn’t really get along. We were pretty different. She also did everything in her power to annoy me and make me mad. Now she’s a mother and we get along a lot better. We talk pretty much every day. It’s more than … Read More Happy Birthday, Avery!

Kids Do the Darnedst Things

There’s a funny side to parenting and it usually has to do with learning things the hard way. Here are a few times my sons taught me that even though they do something crazy, it’s usually my own fault. The diaper fiasco: When Cillian was about ten months old he woke me up with a stinky surprise. At the time he slept in our … Read More Kids Do the Darnedst Things

Cillian is 4!

I’ve been a parent for four years now. Wow. I the last four years have been the craziest of my life. Where do I even begin? He was the most precious baby, I didn’t even know I could love someone so much. It physically hurt how much I loved him. He made me such a softy. His first year was hard. He spent his … Read More Cillian is 4!

New Series and What is Leaving

I have been going over my lists for blog posts and I have realized there are a few things I want to change. I know at the beginning of the year I told you guys about some new things I was adding to my blog so I thought I would do that again. So a few things are staying like Toddlers Around Town, The … Read More New Series and What is Leaving

My Writing Process

I might have done a post like this before but honestly I’m too lazy to check. Even if I have my process has changed a bit and I wanted to talk about it. When it comes to blog posts I google or Pinterest ideas for topics. I have some ideas of what I want to do but to be honest, trying to come up … Read More My Writing Process

The New Thing I Tried This Month! May 2019

So I’m cheating a little bit. I actually did this last month but I figured since I did a few new things last month it would be okay to talk about one of them this month. This month’s new thing is: I went to my first drag show! I went to a bar here in Oklahoma City called The Boom. I went to their … Read More The New Thing I Tried This Month! May 2019

Toddlers Around Town

The hubby and I took the boys to Martin Nature Park in Oklahoma City. There’s a cute little playground for the kids to get out some energy. There’s a visitor center that is air conditioned to give you a break from the heat as well as educate you on the weather, animals and plant life in the park. This is one of my favorites … Read More Toddlers Around Town

The Days of My Life: Episode 4

April 5, 2019 I have not been writing a whole lot lately. I have been working on new styles of necklaces for my online store as well as making a whole bunch of stuff for the craft show I’m doing on the 27th. It’s been crazy around here. I got enrolled in school today too so come August I will be back in college. … Read More The Days of My Life: Episode 4

Just a Mom Posting About Being a Mom

Being a mom is my biggest job, so of course I like to talk about it. Over the last year I’ve posted about my struggles and it’s always good to look back on them. If you haven’t read them I thought I’d highlight a few. Maybe you’re a mom as well and you need to know you’re not alone. Maybe you’re not a mom … Read More Just a Mom Posting About Being a Mom

For All the Moms Out There

Even though tomorrow is your day, every day should be your day. I don’t think men realize all the things that we do as Mother. We literally hold everything together. We are the ones our children come to for love and support. We are the ones who make things happen. We are the ones who lose sleep. We are the ones who never give … Read More For All the Moms Out There