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Weird Laws in America

People are so weird…

The Many Jobs I’ve Had (There Have Been a Lot)

From retail to MLM, I’ve done a lot.

8 Mistakes I Made in My 20’s

Eight of many…

5 Habits That Lower Stress

Give yourself the love you deserve.

Life in an Apartment and the Woman Upstairs

It is awful to wish for her to fall down the stairs?

Answers to Some Funny Questions

A little fun for your quarantine isolation.

Hey! It’s Been a While!

I’m back, baby!

Why I Haven’t Been Writing

It has been a tough time the past couple months. I have been so uninspired, so unmotivated in my writing and I just had to take some time away. I want to explain what has caused this feeling of not wanting to write. First off, I have a lot going on in my personal life. I mean, who doesn’t? It’s just been harder to … Read More Why I Haven’t Been Writing

It’s Been Rough…

I don’t know what has been going on with me but mentally I have been feeling so unmotivated. I seem to have these moments a lot lately and it takes a while to shake it off. I especially haven’t been feeling much like writing. I look at my list of topics and none of them excite me. Maybe I should just take a break … Read More It’s Been Rough…

My Favorite Serial Killers: “The Co-Ed Killer”

It may sound morbid to say I have favorite serial killers, but I don’t mean it in the sense that I like the way they killed or that they exist at all. I just find them fascinating. We as humans have rules that we like to keep in order to feel safe, rules that respect the lives of the other people around us. When … Read More My Favorite Serial Killers: “The Co-Ed Killer”

Six Years of Marriage

Today is our six year anniversary. It does and it doesn’t feel like it’s been that long. It does because we have children. It doesn’t because I’m just really happy with him. Let me just tell y’all. I was in a really unhappy relationship when I met Marc. I had never been with someone that I felt fit me, I hadn’t enjoyed an intimate … Read More Six Years of Marriage

Dream Series #14

I dreamt that I was being tortured. I was kidnapped, strapped to a bed and was cut in certain places and left to bleed out. I actually felt the pain in my dream. Which is unusual. It was probably just the memory of being cut that made me remember the pain. I bled a lot. I read that if you dream of being tortured, … Read More Dream Series #14