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It’s Okay If You Don’t Like It

Did you know that moms are people too? No really, I swear! Okay, enough with the sarcasm. Of course we all know moms are people too, at least we should. The thing I love about being a mom is I’ve learned I am a boss ass bitch. I have handled way more than I ever thought I could. Raising kids is not easy and … Read More It’s Okay If You Don’t Like It

Surviving Quarantine With Children

These boys…

My First Labor and Delivery Did Not Go as Planned

Delivery in American hospitals.

Some of My Better Posts

I love these ones.

How and Why Moms Should Make Self Care a Priority

Treat yo’ self.

Hey! It’s Been a While!

I’m back, baby!

Kids Do the Darnedst Things

There’s a funny side to parenting and it usually has to do with learning things the hard way. Here are a few times my sons taught me that even though they do something crazy, it’s usually my own fault. The diaper fiasco: When Cillian was about ten months old he woke me up with a stinky surprise. At the time he slept in our … Read More Kids Do the Darnedst Things

Cillian is 4!

I’ve been a parent for four years now. Wow. I the last four years have been the craziest of my life. Where do I even begin? He was the most precious baby, I didn’t even know I could love someone so much. It physically hurt how much I loved him. He made me such a softy. His first year was hard. He spent his … Read More Cillian is 4!

Just a Mom Posting About Being a Mom

Being a mom is my biggest job, so of course I like to talk about it. Over the last year I’ve posted about my struggles and it’s always good to look back on them. If you haven’t read them I thought I’d highlight a few. Maybe you’re a mom as well and you need to know you’re not alone. Maybe you’re not a mom … Read More Just a Mom Posting About Being a Mom

For All the Moms Out There

Even though tomorrow is your day, every day should be your day. I don’t think men realize all the things that we do as Mother. We literally hold everything together. We are the ones our children come to for love and support. We are the ones who make things happen. We are the ones who lose sleep. We are the ones who never give … Read More For All the Moms Out There

Toddlers Around Town

For our trip this time we decided to visit the Sam Noble Museum in Norman, Oklahoma. We went with our friends Karen and Elijah and the boys had a great time. It’s a museum of natural history and has exhibits of Native American history, dinosaur fossils and local wildlife. There was also an exhibit of butterflies that I think my mother in law would … Read More Toddlers Around Town

10 Ways My Body Has Changed After Having Kids

All the not so wonderful changes you didn’t know could happen.