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Six Years of Marriage

Today is our six year anniversary. It does and it doesn’t feel like it’s been that long. It does because we have children. It doesn’t because I’m just really happy with him. Let me just tell y’all. I was in a really unhappy relationship when I met Marc. I had never been with someone that I felt fit me, I hadn’t enjoyed an intimate … Read More Six Years of Marriage

Happy Birthday, Avery!

Today is my little sister’s birthday. She’s five years younger than me and the third born in my family. Growing up we didn’t really get along. We were pretty different. She also did everything in her power to annoy me and make me mad. Now she’s a mother and we get along a lot better. We talk pretty much every day. It’s more than … Read More Happy Birthday, Avery!

The Days of My Life

January 1, 2019 So I’m a stay at home mom now. It happened unexpectedly. I was let go at my job, it was a seasonal position that I wasn’t expecting to lose until at least June so this was a shock to me. After doing the numbers and seeing what was left over after all the bills were paid we can make it on … Read More The Days of My Life