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Dahlia Lux Lookbook

I thought it would be fun to show you all my jewelry in action. I have beautiful friends who have graciously decided to model it for you all! And myself of course. *wink wink* This is me, of course, wearing my Megan set. It’s a necklace and earring set consisting of a rainbow crystal cluster pendant with matching crystal cluster earrings. I don’t want … Read More Dahlia Lux Lookbook

New Products on My Dahlia Lux Website!

Business is, well it’s going! It’s been a slow start but it’s picking up. Ya girl has been working hard to provide some really beautiful pieces. I’m really excited! I’m also excited about how this business has been such a great creative outlet for me. I have made things I didn’t know I could make. I’ve learned new techniques and have been so happy … Read More New Products on My Dahlia Lux Website!

I Have My Own Online Store!

It’s finally happened, y’all! I’m a small business owner! I’M A BOSS LADY.  It all started nine years ago when I was working in a Hobby Lobby store and decided I wanted to try a new hobby. I chose jewelry making. I started with stretch bracelets and necklaces. I tried selling some but it didn’t do very well. I gave some as gifts but … Read More I Have My Own Online Store!