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Audio Recording of My Favorite Spooky Story

I thought it would be fun to record myself reading my favorite spooky story for all of you. I have met a lot of people through the blogosphere, a lot who live in different states and countries, and I think it’s fun to hear how everyone sounds. Sometimes writing voice doesn’t match speaking voice so it’s interesting to experience the difference. So without further … Read More Audio Recording of My Favorite Spooky Story

Halloween Costumes on a Budget

Sometimes Halloween costumes can get a bit pricey. There’s nothing wrong with going all out, I mean it’s only once a year, but sometimes you just don’t have the coin. So I thought I’d share some ideas that you could potentially pull right out of your closet or get at a thrift store and be good to ghoul. See what I did there? Okay … Read More Halloween Costumes on a Budget

Let’s Talk About AHS Apocalypse

*Disclaimer: There will be spoilers. I also do not own the rights to any of the images in this post.* Okay so I know this show has had some up and down seasons and opinions definitely differ on which season is the best but I will say that whatever bad times Ryan Murphy was having with this show he has totally redeemed himself with … Read More Let’s Talk About AHS Apocalypse