Book Challenge of the Month (July 2019)

Hello all! Another month, another reading challenge!

This month’s challenge brings with it a bit of nostalgia:

A book you were supposed to read in high school but didn’t.

My challenge book this month will be Lord of the Flies by William Golding. When I was in high school this book was on the assigned reading list but I never read it because I didn’t go to public school. I was homeschooled and my mom didn’t have the slightest clue what books were required for high schoolers at the time. She ended up getting a bunch of books from our neighbor who had just graduated high school and had me read those. I’ve always been curious about Lord of the Flies so now I’m going to tackle it.

My classic read for the month is Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. They talk about this book on the show Friends and I’m hoping to love it as much as Joey and Rachel.

My sequel book of the month is Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo. This book series is kind of a prequel/companion series to her duo Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom. The characters in this story are different but it’s the same universe. I enjoyed the duo and the first book in this series so I’m sure I’ll enjoy this one as well.

My for fun read is The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan. Originally published in 1989, and made into a movie in 1993, this book is about four mothers and their daughters who come together to talk about the things they encountered in their lives and how it connects them all. I’m excited to give this one a go.

Well there you have it! What will your challenge book be?


Toddlers Around Town

The hubby and I took the boys to Martin Nature Park in Oklahoma City.


There’s a cute little playground for the kids to get out some energy.

There’s a visitor center that is air conditioned to give you a break from the heat as well as educate you on the weather, animals and plant life in the park.

This is one of my favorites because of the nature part. The trails are perfect for feeling like you’re walking through a forest. I would not recommend taking a stroller down these trails though. We learned that the hard way.

There was a couple look outs.

There was a wonderful river to see. I loved just standing and listening to the rushing water. I wanted to get in it so bad.

We saw a cute little snake on a tree. My husband thought it was a vine at first.


And I thought this was a cute little witch’s nook.


We had a good time, got some sun, fresh air and exercise. The boys were worn out and next time we go we are definitely leaving the stroller at home.

Summer Makeup Looks

It’s that time of year! Well at least here in the southern part of the states it is. It is warm outside and I gotta tell you I have a love/hate relationship with summer. On the one hand, I get to wear shorts and sandals, the boys can play outside and the nights are pleasant. On the other hand it’s hot. I absolutely hate feeling hot and sticky. It puts me in a bad mood.

Summer makeup looks are fun though. I like to try to incorporate bright, lush colors in my eye shadow with vibrant pink and peach blush. It’s the season to look youthful and glowy. Your skin gets some sun and it just pulls it all together. Here are a few makeup looks I came up with.

I used my Jaclyn Hill by Morphe palette for this look. It was super simple to do and I just love how it turned out. I used the shades M.E.F.O and Pooter in my crease. On the lid I used Diva and Queen. And on the outer corner I mixed Buns and Chip. I highlighted my inner corner and brow bone with Beam and on the lower lash line I mixed Enchanted, M.E.F.O. and Pooter. I highlighted my cheeks with the Milani Strobelight Instant Glow Powder in the shade Afterglow and on the lips I used Sinful Cinnamon by Buxom with Buttercup cream lipstick by Gerard Cosmetics over top.


For my second look I went with a more colorful look.

I used my Urban Decay Born to Run palette. I used the shades Weekender and Riff in my crease with a fluffy blending brush. I used the shade Radio all over the lid and a mix of Riff, Baja and Still Shot on the lower lash line.


I highlighted my brow bone and cheeks with she shade Pearl in the Milani Stellar Lights Rose Glow highlighting palette. I was beaming y’all. And for the lip I used the lipstick Rodeo Drive by Gerard Cosmetics topped with the gloss Party Starter by Bare Minerals.


For my final look I wanted to continue the colorful theme.

I used my Jaclyn Hill palette again for this look. I used the shades Silk Cream and Pukey in the crease. Queen in the inner corner and Pool Party and Jada on the lid. With Beam on the brow bone and inner corner highlight. I used Jada on the lower lash line to finish off the eye look. I use Milani lipstick in the color Matte Kiss and topped it with Party Starter lip gloss by Bare Minerals. I used the same Milani highlight in Pearl.

I had so much fun with these looks and I hope you enjoyed them as well! If you recreate any of these post a photo! I’d love to see them.

The New Thing I Tried This Month (Jan. 2019)

Image result for trying new things

I thought I would start the year off slow and do something simple first. I made lasagna.

I’ve never made lasagna before because it looked really intimidating to make. There are so many steps and so many ingredients and it takes a long time to make it. Well I was right.

I found a recipe on Pinterest and got all the ingredients at the store. It was a pretty affordable dish to make, everything was pretty well priced. Another plus was that it made quite a bit so we have enough for another dinner.


The meat sauce seemed to take the longest, the noodles kept breaking and some were just shredded after we were finally able to get them out of the pot, the cheese mixture didn’t spread very well. I felt like it was kind of a disaster. But it tasted pretty great.


I ended up being pretty proud of it. The boys liked it. There are a few changes I would make to the recipe but other than that I would totally make it again.


Just goes to show you that you could think you’re failing the whole time but it ends up being just fine. I have made it again since the first time and it turned out even better the second time. It didn’t take as long either. Haha. Practice makes perfect I guess. Have you tried anything new lately?

Related image

What Tops Your Tree?


Photo by Jeswin Thomas from Pexels

As I’ve gotten older, and out of my parents house, I’ve discovered that there are many ways to top a Christmas tree. (Obviously) We would always top our tree with a star because I was raised in a Christian household. The star on top of the tree represents the star that God put into the sky the night that Jesus was born to guide the three wise men to the baby Jesus.

Some people like to put an angel on top of their tree, I’m guessing because an angel also represents the religious meaning of Christmas. An angel appears to Mary and tells her she will carry the savior in her womb and an angel also appears to some shepherds and tells them about the birth of Christ and tells them to go see for themselves and in turn they spread the news.

I’ve also seen people top their tree with a Santa hat, since Santa comes on Christmas eve to deliver presents I guess it’s a sign for him to know that the tree is where he puts the presents? I don’t know.

I’ve seen people top their trees with big ribbon bows, I’m guessing in reference to presents and how they’re decorated like a tree and the fact that presents go under it as a part of the theme of it.

My brother in law has a little cut out figure of Dimebag Darrell from the band Pantera that he puts on top of his family’s tree.

Google also revealed a plethora of ideas for tree toppers.

I guess my point is I find it very interesting how there are so many different ways to top a tree. I know it’s kind of silly but I love discussing differences with people even if it’s just what they put on top of their Christmas tree. I also love the different styles of decorations they put on it as well. I just like a green tree with ornaments, multi-colored lights, garland and a star on top. Maybe one day I’ll switch it up but for now simple is just fine.

What do you top your Christmas tree with? What colors and types of ornaments do you like to decorate with?

Fall Makeup Looks!

This isn’t a post I normally do but I thought it would be fun. I love makeup and I have so many eye shadow palettes it would be a crime to not show them off.

Fall is my favorite time for makeup because of all the dark colors. I prefer to wear heavier makeup than light so the fall and winter are the best time for that. Dark makeup shows up better against my paler, winter skin. In the colder months I also don’t have to worry about sweating it off and pairing a dark lip with dark eye shadows is totally acceptable. Here are a few looks and the products I used to achieve them.


For my face I use the same products every time so here I have my Mary Kay primer, Milani Conceal and Perfect foundation and Maybelline Fit me. I combine the two just because I have so much foundation I need to use it all before it goes bad. Maybelline fit me concealer, Nyx setting powder for my eye lids and the Maybelline fit me powder to set my face. I’m not sure what brand the eyebrow duo is but the brush is Milani. The Brow Gal clear brow gel and my Morphe blush and bronzer palettes. I like using palettes when it comes to blush and bronzers because you never know what shade you’ll need and it’s just helpful to have a bunch of colors to choose from. The highlighter is Milani in Day Glow, I believe.


Left: Morphe 9B bronzer palette, right: Morphe 9N blush palette. (I don’t believe they sell these anymore.)

The first look is an olive green look:



I paired it with a dark lip but I ended up taking it off after taking the pictures. I just don’t like how messy a dark lips gets after meals or drinking stuff or having a baby grab your face. (Please excuse my puffy, early morning face. I was trying to get all this done before the boys woke up.)


For the eyes I used my Morphe 35M Boss Mood palette that I got for my birthday. Shout out to Marissa for getting it for me. I used the three shades in the top right corner, the black at the bottom right corner and the lightest shade in the top left corner to get this look. I used my Morphe brushes, of course.


For the lip I used Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick in Bittersweet and Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie gloss in City Slicker. I think dark lips are so edgy and vampy I just don’t have the patience for them anymore. Haha.


And as always I set everything with my Mario Bedescu facial spray. It’s not the best setting spray, I would recommend using a back up or just a different one, I just haven’t run out yet so I’m going to continue to use it until I do.

The second look is vibrant and orange, like the leaves right now:


I did a more neutral lip this time. I didn’t want to take anything away from this eye look, I love it so much.


I used my Jaclyn Hill by Morphe palette for this look as well as a couple shades from the previous palette.


I used my favorite lipstick of all time, the Buxom lipstick in Sinful Cinnamon. I topped it with the Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie gloss in Party Starter.


I finished off with this setting spray. There’s not much left, I do like this setting spray. This day I had a lot to do so I had to make sure my makeup wasn’t going anywhere.

The third look is a yellow little number:

I loved this look, a beautiful daytime yellow, smokey eye.


I used my Hard Candy palette, Anastasia Subculture palette and my custom Z Palette.

I used the yellow shades in all the palettes and the brown in the Subculture palette. Super easy look.

For foundation I used this Makeup Forever Velvet foundation. This is the second time I’ve ever used it and it didn’t hold very well throughout the day. I’ll still use it because it was pretty pricey for such a small bottle but oily faces beware. I used the NYX eyebrow pen for my brows, not my favorite way to fill them in but it’s what I had.

And for the lips I used the Milani lipstick in Bahama Beige. This looked nice when I fist applied it then it formed a really gross white line on the inside of my lips and I could not rub it off. I’m going to try it with a gloss on top of it next time but if that doesn’t help I’m throwing it away.

Well there are a few looks you could try if you’re into makeup like me. I hope you got some ideas and if you like this kind of thing I could do more. I really love to play with makeup and this post was a great excuse for me to dip into some makeup I haven’t tried in a while. Which was your favorite look? Let me know!