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Back to Reality

I had a great spring break. I got caught up on my embroidery, I was able to get out a few blog posts, I read a couple books, and I watched all the movies in the Conjuring universe. I even extended my break another week because why not? I read some more, did more embroidery and took the kids camping. Sometimes you do the … Read More Back to Reality

Answers to Some Funny Questions

A little fun for your quarantine isolation.

Book Challenge of the Month (July 2019)

Hello all! Another month, another reading challenge! This month’s challenge brings with it a bit of nostalgia: A book you were supposed to read in high school but didn’t. My challenge book this month will be Lord of the Flies by William Golding. When I was in high school this book was on the assigned reading list but I never read it because I didn’t go … Read More Book Challenge of the Month (July 2019)

Toddlers Around Town

The hubby and I took the boys to Martin Nature Park in Oklahoma City. There’s a cute little playground for the kids to get out some energy. There’s a visitor center that is air conditioned to give you a break from the heat as well as educate you on the weather, animals and plant life in the park. This is one of my favorites … Read More Toddlers Around Town

Summer Makeup Looks

It’s that time of year! Well at least here in the southern part of the states it is. It is warm outside and I gotta tell you I have a love/hate relationship with summer. On the one hand, I get to wear shorts and sandals, the boys can play outside and the nights are pleasant. On the other hand it’s hot. I absolutely hate … Read More Summer Makeup Looks

The New Thing I Tried This Month (Jan. 2019)

I thought I would start the year off slow and do something simple first. I made lasagna. I’ve never made lasagna before because it looked really intimidating to make. There are so many steps and so many ingredients and it takes a long time to make it. Well I was right. I found a recipe on Pinterest and got all the ingredients at the store. … Read More The New Thing I Tried This Month (Jan. 2019)

What Tops Your Tree?

Photo by Jeswin Thomas from Pexels As I’ve gotten older, and out of my parents house, I’ve discovered that there are many ways to top a Christmas tree. (Obviously) We would always top our tree with a star because I was raised in a Christian household. The star on top of the tree represents the star that God put into the sky the night … Read More What Tops Your Tree?

Fall Makeup Looks!

This isn’t a post I normally do but I thought it would be fun. I love makeup and I have so many eye shadow palettes it would be a crime to not show them off. Fall is my favorite time for makeup because of all the dark colors. I prefer to wear heavier makeup than light so the fall and winter are the best … Read More Fall Makeup Looks!