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12 Year Friendversary

It’s crazy to think that I have been friends with Karen for twelve years already. I mean in just four short years I will have known her for as long as I didn’t know her before we met. Does that make sense? It means I will have known her for half my life when I hit 32 years old. It blows my mind. I … Read More 12 Year Friendversary

Some of My Favorite Bloggers

I just wanted to briefly talk about a few bloggers that I’ve met on my blogging journey. The blogging community is a lively one, there are so many different kinds of bloggers and they are all amazing. I have met some pretty awesome people while blogging and they have made my experience so much better than I ever thought it would be. These bloggers … Read More Some of My Favorite Bloggers

5 Things I would Do If I Were Braver

I was inspired by Hunida at to do this post.  Go check her post out, it’s amazing. My Top 5: Things I’d Do If I Were Braver I just loved it so much I wanted to do it to! I feel like I’m brave in a way that I have goals and I’m just going to make them happen. I don’t care what people think … Read More 5 Things I would Do If I Were Braver