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Feminist Friday! Ashley Layden

An interview with an amazing woman.

My First Labor and Delivery Did Not Go as Planned

Delivery in American hospitals.

Some of My Better Posts

I love these ones.

How and Why Moms Should Make Self Care a Priority

Treat yo’ self.

10 Ways My Body Has Changed After Having Kids

All the not so wonderful changes you didn’t know could happen.

I Have My Own Online Store!

It’s finally happened, y’all! I’m a small business owner! I’M A BOSS LADY.  It all started nine years ago when I was working in a Hobby Lobby store and decided I wanted to try a new hobby. I chose jewelry making. I started with stretch bracelets and necklaces. I tried selling some but it didn’t do very well. I gave some as gifts but … Read More I Have My Own Online Store!

5 Things Women Should Be Proud Of

The world has come a long way in defining what is considered beautiful in a woman. It still has a long way to go though. We’re still told constantly that we need to change ourselves to be considered beautiful and it’s just awful. Companies all over the world are using the things that make us self conscious against us to make money and I … Read More 5 Things Women Should Be Proud Of