Happy Birthday, Avery!

Today is my little sister’s birthday.

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Such a beautiful woman.

She’s five years younger than me and the third born in my family. Growing up we didn’t really get along. We were pretty different. She also did everything in her power to annoy me and make me mad.

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Avery and her daughter, Delilah.

Now she’s a mother and we get along a lot better. We talk pretty much every day. It’s more than I could hope for in a relationship with her.

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Avery in her teen years.

Avery was a pretty angsty teen. I don’t know what all she got up to but she definitely was no angel. She has life experience that I don’t and she’s pretty wise for someone so young.

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Taking a selfie with Cillian and Delilah.

I’m really proud of her. She is such a good mother to her little girl and she even gives some pretty good advice. She’s there for me when I need her and she gets me more than most people. I value her opinion, I enjoy her conversations and I miss her all the time. She lives a state away so I don’t get to see her as often as I would like to.


Us with our babies, Felix and Delilah. They were born in the same year.

Happy birthday, little sister. I love you.

Kids Do the Darnedst Things

There’s a funny side to parenting and it usually has to do with learning things the hard way. Here are a few times my sons taught me that even though they do something crazy, it’s usually my own fault.

  1. The diaper fiasco: When Cillian was about ten months old he woke me up with a stinky surprise. At the time he slept in our bed with us and he had fallen asleep in just a diaper. On this particular morning he had woken up before me and proceeded to take his diaper off. I’m not sure if he had already pooped or if he had pooped after taking his diaper off, either way he woke me up by slapping me with a poop covered hand. It was everywhere. All over him, all over the sheets, my pillow and my face. I got him up and bathed him and washed my own face. I washed the sheets and blankets twice because the first time didn’t get it all. It was so gross. From then on he always had clothes on when he went to bed.
  2. The diaper fiasco part 2: You would think after that we would have been wiser. Well here comes Felix. This time it was a dad fail. My husband had put Felix in his crib in just a diaper and a t-shirt. The next morning I go to get him and he’s covered in his own poop. It was all over his mouth so you know he ate some. It was all over his crib. Again, I had to wash the sheets and blankets twice. Poop doesn’t like to come out easily.
  3. Cillian’s first nose bleed: I put Cillian down for a nap one day and I was in the kitchen when I heard him making noises. He wasn’t crying but he was awake so I went to check on him. I open his bedroom door and I see him covered in blood. There was a lot. I freaked out. He wasn’t crying but he gave me a look like, “What?!” I noticed it was mostly on his face so I thought maybe he hit his face on his crib but that would have made him cry so that couldn’t have been it. Then I remembered that he had just recently started picking his nose. He had scared me to death.
  4. Cillian’s first swear word: One day a friend of mine came to the house to give me some beads that she had in storage. She brought her neighbor with her to help her get all the boxes into the house and we had never met this man before. While we were talking Cillian dropped one of his toys and yelled, “Goddammit!” It was quite embarrassing and he had definitely learned it from me. I didn’t have anyone to blame but myself for that one.
  5. The smelly truth: One day while shopping for beads I had the boys in a shopping cart and I was searching. There was a woman and her two children in the aisle with us. They did look a bit rough but I didn’t pay any attention to them, I was busy. Cillian then says, “Mama, I smell something. I smell something stinky.” I asked him, “You smell something stinky?” He points and replies, “Yeah. I think those people-” I quickly push him to the other end of the aisle hoping that they hadn’t heard what he said. I shushed him but I also laughed to myself because I had not expected him to say that. Children are very honest.

Now some funny/cute things Cillian has said:

Me: “If you eat your broccoli it’ll make your muscles bigger.” Cillian: “Bigger?!” Takes a bite of broccoli. “My muscles hurt.”

Cillian: “You and me are hot and Beezy is stinky.” (Beezy is Felix’s nickname.)

Cillian pretending to read a Pizza Hut receipt: “Dear pizza pizza, I want to eat you.”

We’re waiting at the doctor’s office. Cillian: “I’m boring.” I told him he’s bored, not boring. He’s definitely not boring.

Instead of bicycle he say byclecike.

Cillian: “I’m sick.” Me: “Your not sick.” Cillian: “My *hiccup* mouth is sick.” Me: “You have the hiccups.” Cillian: “Yeah.”


Photo by Dazzle Jam from Pexels


Cillian is 4!

I’ve been a parent for four years now. Wow.

I the last four years have been the craziest of my life. Where do I even begin?


He was the most precious baby, I didn’t even know I could love someone so much. It physically hurt how much I loved him. He made me such a softy.


His first year was hard. He spent his first night home in a light box for jaundice. I was distraught. I wanted to hold my baby but he had to stay in the box when he wasn’t eating or being changed. He slept in our bed his whole first year of life. I couldn’t sleep unless he was right next to me so I could hear him breathing. He woke us up every four hours to eat, when he started walking he got into everything and he had the biggest personality I had ever seen in such a small person.


Watching him learn and grow has been amazing. I understand now why they call it a miracle. You have never witnessed innocence until you’ve spent time with a child. I can’t believe such purity even exists. He has just opened my eyes so much.


The things he says are so funny, his imagination is wonderful. He wants to be friends with everyone he meets, he smiles so easily. He has the sweetest heart.


He loves cats, bugs, cars, pasta and going to the park. He loves playing with other kids and having fun. He doesn’t like meat, swimming pools and being held upside down. He’s excited about starting school and he loves to learn.


I can’t believe my baby is four years old. It won’t be long before he’s an adult and I’m trying to soak up all the time with him being little as I can. Happy birthday Little Boy. I love you soooooo much and I always will.

Toddlers Around Town

The hubby and I took the boys to Martin Nature Park in Oklahoma City.


There’s a cute little playground for the kids to get out some energy.

There’s a visitor center that is air conditioned to give you a break from the heat as well as educate you on the weather, animals and plant life in the park.

This is one of my favorites because of the nature part. The trails are perfect for feeling like you’re walking through a forest. I would not recommend taking a stroller down these trails though. We learned that the hard way.

There was a couple look outs.

There was a wonderful river to see. I loved just standing and listening to the rushing water. I wanted to get in it so bad.

We saw a cute little snake on a tree. My husband thought it was a vine at first.


And I thought this was a cute little witch’s nook.


We had a good time, got some sun, fresh air and exercise. The boys were worn out and next time we go we are definitely leaving the stroller at home.

Just a Mom Posting About Being a Mom

Being a mom is my biggest job, so of course I like to talk about it. Over the last year I’ve posted about my struggles and it’s always good to look back on them. If you haven’t read them I thought I’d highlight a few. Maybe you’re a mom as well and you need to know you’re not alone. Maybe you’re not a mom but have been thinking about it. Either way I hope these posts help you.

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Photo by Ashwin Pradhan from Pexels

Happy Birthday, Dad

Today is the birthday of the man who fathered me.


Though he wasn’t perfect he was a good dad. He was always up for fun. He would tickle us, wrestle with us, joke around with us. He would race us to the car or come up behind us and scare us. He taught me how to shoot a gun and he took me fishing. He showed me that money doesn’t grow on trees and you have to work hard for it every day. He taught me to never rely on a man to take care of me, to set myself up to make enough money to support myself and any children that I had all on my own.


He always gave us hugs and kisses before bed. He helped me with my school work and when I got my first period he just squeezed me and said, “you’re getting old, sister.”


He would take us out on his boat and we would go tubing or fishing, if he had a fish on his line he would always trade one of us and let us reel the fish in. He would watch old cartoons with us and say what was going to happen before it happened. Then look at us to see our reaction. He would crack up at Disney movies with us and was just as fond of them as we were.


He taught me how to drive and it made him so anxious. He would be on edge the whole time, even though he wouldn’t admit it.


A story he always tells is how he had to take me to work one day because there was ice and snow on the roads so he took me in his welding truck and after he dropped me off he did donuts in the parking lot. He loves to tell that story.


I can’t hear a George Strait song without thinking of him. I give my kids nicknames because he gave us nicknames. He’s the most stubborn man I know.


Happy birthday, dad. I love you. I wouldn’t be who I am without you. Please enjoy all these old photos I found of my dad.


Fishing is one of his favorite past times.


I believe he was in the army at this time.


A teenage James.


My dad and his sister Brenda.