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Back to Reality

I had a great spring break. I got caught up on my embroidery, I was able to get out a few blog posts, I read a couple books, and I watched all the movies in the Conjuring universe. I even extended my break another week because why not? I read some more, did more embroidery and took the kids camping. Sometimes you do the … Read More Back to Reality

It’s Right Around the Corner

In just 8 weeks I will be graduating! I am so ready, y’all. It’s been a long time coming. When I finished high school back in 2008 I knew I wanted to go to college. I just didn’t know how to go about getting there. I was 17 and my parents weren’t much help. My dad didn’t go to college and my mom didn’t … Read More It’s Right Around the Corner

It’s Okay If You Don’t Like It

Did you know that moms are people too? No really, I swear! Okay, enough with the sarcasm. Of course we all know moms are people too, at least we should. The thing I love about being a mom is I’ve learned I am a boss ass bitch. I have handled way more than I ever thought I could. Raising kids is not easy and … Read More It’s Okay If You Don’t Like It

You Can’t Make it Right if You Didn’t Know it Was Wrong

There have been many times that I’ve said things that have hurt people. Most of those times I had no idea that what I said was hurtful. In my early twenties I was pretty arrogant. I would literally say whatever was in my head and not even think about how it would make other people feel. I thought I knew it all. I thought … Read More You Can’t Make it Right if You Didn’t Know it Was Wrong

It Has Been a Struggle

I know it’s been a while since I posted. I’m sorry. I have a hard time writing when I’m stressed and boy have I been stressed. Let me just tell you about it because I just feel like I need to get it all off my chest. 2021 has been a real shitty year so far. First I had a bit of a falling … Read More It Has Been a Struggle

Feminist Friday! Ashley Layden

An interview with an amazing woman.

The Importance of Shared Values in a Marriage

I hope this helps.

Surviving Quarantine With Children

These boys…

I Feel Excited About the Future

Good times ahead.

My First Labor and Delivery Did Not Go as Planned

Delivery in American hospitals.

Some of My Better Posts

I love these ones.

My Semester in a Pandemic

It was a tough one.