Did you know that moms are people too? No really, I swear! Okay, enough with the sarcasm. Of course we all know moms are people too, at least we should.

The thing I love about being a mom is I’ve learned I am a boss ass bitch. I have handled way more than I ever thought I could. Raising kids is not easy and I’m so grateful that I have been able to manage that and still keep my ambitions and hobbies intact.

Of course it doesn’t come without criticism. There is this thing called mom shaming and I have definitely experienced it. Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of mom friends who are in the same boat as me and who applaud my ability to raise children, work, be a full time student, and have hobbies. I’ve been told I inspire them to reach for their goals or to take that step towards something they want to do when they feel like they can’t. I’ve also had other moms think I’m doing too much and that I need to put down my books or embroidery or whatever I’m working on and pay attention to my kids. *Insert eye roll*

I hate that some moms feel like they have to police the way other mom’s raise their children. It’s not your business to tell another mother how to take care of her kids. If you don’t like it, tough. Focus on raising your own kids and chill out. You don’t have to like the way I raise my kids, they’re MY kids. You’re not the one who has to make sure they get enough to eat every day even when they refuse to eat. You’re not the one who sits up with them at night if they have a nightmare. You’re not the one who has to take care of them when they’re sick. You’re not the one who has to make sure they get all the emotional support they need, that only a mother can give.

My boys know that I’m here for them. They know I love them. They get all the hugs and kisses they could ever need or want. My sons do not feel any less loved because I choose to better myself or find enjoyment in my hobbies. In fact it shows my sons that they can have goals and hobbies too. They see their mother finding contentment through doing the things she loves and reaching her goals, it makes them feel like they can do it too. It gives them the drive to go for what they want and to achieve something.

I love being their mother. It is challenging at times and yes, I feel like I want to give up at least once a week. But I wouldn’t change my life for anything and I am so happy I chose to have those little stinkers. They have taught me a lot about myself and how strong I really am. They taught me that I am lovable, needed, wanted and capable. I am a better person because of them. Knowing all of that shows me that what other people think of me and my extracurricular activities is nothing but either jealousy or comes from their own sense of superiority.

You don’t have to like my parenting style, it’s okay. I really don’t care. I know I’m doing fine and am still being me. Shout out to all my mom friends who are doing the damn thing and still finding time for themselves. Our lives don’t stop because we have kids, it keeps going. You just now have some little partners along for the ride.

Photo by Katie E from Pexels

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