If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now you know that this does not happen very often. I have spoken candidly about my depression and anxiety but I can finally say that I actually see a light at the end of the tunnel! Also, happy 200 blog post to me!

Even though this pandemic has changed a lot of things for a lot of people, it has done a lot of good for us financially. We have been able to get caught up on a lot of things and pay off quite a few things as well. As it stands, if we’re smart with our money, we could potentially have all our debt paid off by the end of next year. Which is perfect because we want to buy a house. We are so ready to move out of our apartment and it feels that much closer. Our credit scores have gone up, we’re nearing the end of our educations so new jobs are on the horizon, and we are almost out of the toddler stage with our kids. Things are just looking up.

Now that our boys are getting older we can start doing more hings with them, like camping, fishing or just vacationing in general There are so many good times ahead. I am just really happy and I haven’t felt this hopeful or excited in a long time and it feels good.


Photo by Andre Furtado from Pexels

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