I know the semester is coming to an end but I noticed a change in my study habits this semester. I am a horrible procrastinator and I needed to make a structured plan on how to get my work done, especially since we had to go to online classes. I was home schooled for most of my childhood so I’m familiar with the whole watch an hour lecture then do all the book work myself. That part isn’t difficult. In college, though, I’m in charge of making sure my assignments get done, not my mother and certainly not my professor. Here are a few things I tried out this semester that really worked and help me get my assignments done on time.

1. Set your assignment due date to a day early.

If you tell yourself your assignment is due a day before it actually is you give yourself a little wiggle room. I like to always turn my assignments in the day before it’s due so that I get it done sooner rather than later. I tell myself that the due date is too late and it gives me more of a sense of urgency.

2. Cut up your chapters.

If you have to read from your textbook break up the chapters. I always look through the chapter that’s assigned for the week, count how many pages I have to read and break it up by how many days I have to read it so I’m not trying to cram the whole chapter in one day. This way I don’t feel information overload and I absorb it better if I’m just reading for 20 minutes versus an hour.

3. Cut up your assignment.

Just as you break up your chapters, break up your assignments. Look at the instructions, see how many days you have to complete it and do a little bit of it each day, that way you feel like you’ve done something. It also helps because you aren’t thinking about it too much, you’re focusing on one part at a time. I get bored real quick so working in small parts helps me stay focused. I tell myself, “Just do this part and then you can watch tv.” It works for me, Okay?

4. Do you school work before doing anything else.

If you’re really good at doing anything and everything except your work then just get it out of the way first. Make it a point to do your little piece of homework before you do anything else. Think of it as your job. You get up and go to work then when you get off you get to do whatever you want.

5. Take it a week at a time.

Just plan it a week at a time. Usually semesters last 16 weeks. If you go just a week at a time it helps. If you know you have a test coming up or an assignment due on a certain date, make a plan a week before to do what needs to be done before those days are up.

Next week is the last week of my semester and I am ready for summer vacation. Mine will be shorter this year since I am taking a 4 week class in July before the fall semester starts, but that’s okay. Just two more semesters until graduation!

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