This pandemic is just so crazy. This is not something I thought I would see in my lifetime, I guess no one expects something like this. It’s a very serious thing and I am so thankful that me, and my family, and everyone I know personally are fine and aren’t sick. I know that isn’t the reality for everyone and I could not imagine what they’re going through right now. It’s all so scary. When I go to the grocery store and see people in masks and gloves it’s an eerie feeling.

I’ve been doing my part by staying home and  keeping my children home, away from people. It’s been challenging but it’s worth it if we all stay healthy.

I really miss my family in Texas. I miss hugging people. I miss hanging out with my friends. When this is all over I want to go to Texas and see my family. I want to have a get together with my friends. I just want to hug them and never let them go.

I think, though, that staying at home has helped a little with my depression. I don’t feel so overwhelmed, I feel like the only thing we can do is wait. It’s out of our hands so we just have to wait. I’ve gotten better at that since I’ve gotten older. I’m not in such a hurry any more. I do think being at home has grated on my anxiety though. I had to start taking an extra dose, (per doctor’s orders) just to be able to fall asleep at night. Last night was the first night that I actually got quality sleep since the whole quarantine started.

I never realized how much I liked going to the store and just walking around. Or being able to go to the zoo on a nice day. I never realized how grateful I was for museums, libraries and playgrounds. My kids have been so bored and they have been driving me crazy. I’m so thankful that those kinds of things exist and cannot wait to go to them again when this is all over.

When this is all over I want to be away from my apartment as much as possible, at least for a while. I want to take the boys to see stuff, I want to spend time with people again, I want to go on road trips. This quarantine has taught me that we all need each other, but the only way to be with each other is to be apart right now. I just hold on to that. I tell myself that it will all be better if we just stay away from each other for a while. We want to be able to come out on the other side of this and hug each other without fear. It won’t be like this forever.

Let me know how you’re doing in the comments. How have you been handling this quarantine?


Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

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