I once did a post on all the jobs I think would be fun to do. (It’s Jobs I’d Like to Try). Now I want to talk about all the jobs I’ve had, and let me tell you….it’s a lot.

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I’ve said it before, it’s hard for me to stay in one place. It’s not because I’m particularly flakey, I just don’t want to waste my time if I don’t feel like it’s what I want to do or if I don’t feel challenged anymore. There are people who are completely fine staying at one job for a long time, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I don’t think trying different jobs is a bad thing either. I have so much experience in so many different areas I see it as an asset. Anyway, let me just tell you guys what you came to read about.

1st job: Cashier-Academy Sports and Outdoors.

My first job I got when I was 16. I worked there for about a year and a half. I worked full time because I was homeschooled and could do that. I goofed off a lot. I met one of my best friends there and we’re still friends to this day. I met a boy there who was my first heartbreak. I also met my ex-husband while working there.

2. Waitress-Fusion Cafe

I took a server job at a family owned Korean restaurant over a semester when I was 16. I worked there the same time I worked at Academy. The owner of the restaurant’s daughter, who was normally their server, went off to college and they needed someone to fill in for her. I went to Tae Kwon Do with their youngest child, who was younger than me, and they asked me if I would do it. It was fun but I got tired of it. I never felt like I worked hard enough for her liking and I also just wanted to not have two jobs at 16.

3. Cashier-Circuit City

Circuit City has since gone out of business and I only worked there for a month or two. I got the job there because I left Academy rather abruptly. I think at the time I thought I was going to get fired so I quit before that could happen. I didn’t have any reason to feel this way but I did. I didn’t like Circuit City and I ended up leaving there without notice because my family and I moved back to Texas.

4. Server-Golden Corral

Golden Corral is a buffet style restaurant and I’m pretty sure I worked at the grossest one in Texas. The manager was absolutely horrible. She was definitely on a power trip. I left after two months when I called in sick because I had a stomach bug and she said I either showed up for work or found another job. So I found another job.

5. Cashier-Brookshire Brothers

I lasted at this one for 9 months. I met some really fun people there but once again I had a horrible boss. This place is a grocery store, and the managers ran it like it was their very own kingdom. One manager in particular would just push you so far off the edge with his criticism he made several cashiers cry, including me. I believe this was also the very first job that required me to take a drug test.

6. Cashier-Hobby Lobby

After I left Brookshire Brothers I moved back to Oklahoma. I have been here ever since. The year was 2009 and I had heard that they were paying Hobby Lobby employees $10 and hour, which at the time was a lot for me. What I didn’t know was they were only paying that to full time employees. I ended up a part time employee with the promise that if I did well I could get a full time position as soon as one opens. Well that never happened. Every time one came open someone else would get it. Someone who was older than I was. I was only 19 at the time. A new store had opened and I put in to transfer over there. The manager there gave me a position but could only give me full time hours but not full time pay. It was at that point I started going to college.

7. Teacher Assistant-La Petite Academy

After attending school for a bit I decided I wanted to be a teacher. I applied at a daycare and got the position. I was making only slightly more than I was at Hobby Lobby but I was at least getting experience with children. I had babysat some when I was a teenagers but that was nothing compared to a room full of little kids running crazy everywhere. I was 20 years old and had absolutely no training. They basically just taught me CPR and what to do in case of a tornado and that we were not allowed to discipline the children in any way. That was it, I was in way over my head. I had my first experience with panic attacks. I think i was only there for two months. They weren’t happy with my work performance but they wouldn’t give me any tips or help me in anyway. I walked out.

8. Order Picker-Hobby Lobby Warehouse

I was married to my ex-husband at this point in my life and he had a job at Hobby Lobby’s corporate warehouse. He got me a job there as well and I started making more money than I ever had. It was very physical work and I got really strong after working there a while. After a few months I transferred departments. I started doing inventory control. That was when I was sent to work in another building where I met my second (and current) husband. I eventually got fired from that job because I got caught in the middle of a manager feud and lost. Right about the time I got fired I was also going through a divorce and I ended up dropping out of college.

9. Title Clerk-Quail Tag Agency

At this point my ex-husband and I were divorced and I was living with my current husband, we weren’t married yet. I had to find a new job since I had just been fired from the last one and I had always wanted to work in a tag agency. A tag agency is Oklahoma’s second branch of the DMV. You get your vehicle registration, driver’s license, car title transfers, etc. there. I was one of the clerks who filed the paperwork on all those things with the state and took payment and all the things you do in an office. I really loved that job. I loved the paperwork, the laws, the boss. The best boss I have ever have was there and I still love her. She is a very special person. The reason I left was because Marc and I had bought our fist home and it was 45 minutes away from the tag agency and I needed a job closer to home.

10. Cashier-Ulta

For a brief time, while I also worked at the tag agency, I also worked at Ulta. I was trying to make some extra money because Marc and I were trying to buy a house. I wasn’t there for very long because I soon realized I was spending my whole paycheck there. I love makeup and it just wasn’t a good place for me to work.

11. Service Cashier-Frontier Chevrolet

After leaving the tag agency I went to work at a Chevy dealership in the service department. I basically took money for services and input all the data for what was done for each vehicle, tallied payroll and filed paperwork. Oh and answered phones. I liked the job but I felt like the lady who trained me didn’t like the way I id things. She was set to retire after she got me completely trained but man she was bitter about it. The best part about this job was that it was 5 minutes from my house. I worked there full time but after being there a while I decided I needed to go back to school.

12. Nanny

I left the dealership and went back to school. I also became a full time babysitter for my brother and sister in law. I got the kids up for school and took care of the baby. It was short lived though because I needed to make more money so I found another job.

13. Customer Service-Hahn Appliance

This job lasted 7 months. I was hired on a temporary status and was told after 6 months I would be hired permanently an given a raise. That didn’t happen. They kept putting it off and I got tired of not knowing if they were going to keep me or not. Not to mention I was the one that customers called to complain about stuff. Getting cussed out gets really old, real quick. And the managers didn’t really help you.

14. Book Binder-Tate Publishing

This was another warehouse/distribution type job. I was at this job the longest and made the most I’ve ever made, it was also my first salaried job. I started out part time in the CD room packaging CDs. Then I became a full time book binder. I always bound way more books than I was supposed to, but the machines broke down a lot so I would never get a bonus. It was when I was working at this job that I had my first child and was able to switch to the evening shift to work opposite my husband to save money on childcare. That company was really small and they ended up committing a lot of criminal activity behind the scenes. The company finally went out of business when several lawsuits were filed against the company and the owners. We were all out of a job.

15. Patient Care Coordinator-Dental Depot

I got this job thanks to my connections, a friend of mine was once a dental hygienist for this company. I wasn’t here long because at this point I had a little one and I couldn’t work the schedule they needed me to work. We couldn’t afford childcare and we didn’t have a very reliable one. I really liked that job though. I also had dropped out of college again because we had a baby.

16. Server-Charleston’s

This is my least favorite job. I hate being a server. It’s just not for me. And I didn’t feel like I fit in with my coworkers. They were all young college students and I was a mom and married. I didn’t feel like I could relate to them. I finally left after 6 months because I was so over it. I do not want to be a server ever again.

17. Cashier-Lowe’s Home Improvement

Back to the beginning. At least that’s how I felt. It was at this job that I became pregnant with my second child. I was a very grumpy pregnant lady. It was summer time and I was hot and angry all the time. I went back to work there after I had the baby and ended up working in the back unloading freight. I enjoyed that work because I was constantly busy but the guys I worked with were very unmotivated and it took way too long to unload the truck every night. I went back to being a cashier when I hurt my shoulder. That stuff was heavy and I was done. I eventually left.

18. Seasonal Warehouse Associate-Amazon

I only ended up working here for two months. I was considered temporary but was told I could potentially have a permanent position after the busy season was over. Well they lied and got rid of all the seasonal employees. I was once again, jobless. At this point I decided to stay home with the kids for a while.

19. Cashier-Bass Pro Shops

This is my current job, although I’m currently on furlough due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I’m back in school and will definitely be finishing it this time. I graduate in May 2021. I plan to start looking for a job in a law office very soon so that I can get my foot in the door so that when I graduate and become a licensed paralegal I will be all set.

Other: I also sold Mary Kay products for a while and had my own handmade jewelry business for a bit. Both were not successful and I lost money on both deals.

I’ve been working for almost 14 years and have had 19 different jobs. I feel like that’s crazy. Is that crazy? Let me know in the comments!



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