We have been living in an apartment for about six months now and let me tell you, it’s not for everyone.

When I was 15 we lived in an apartment for just seven months when we first moved to Oklahoma from Texas. It was a temporary situation while my parent searched for a house to rent. We lived on the third floor and I thought it was cool at the time. That was my first apartment life experience. I was a pretty social kid and so were my siblings so we loved having a community of kids to play with. Our parents were always getting on to us though about running in the apartment. They were always reminding us about the people who lived below us and to not disturb them with our stomping.

When my husband and I first moved in together we got an apartment. My second experience. I think we only lived in those less than a year as well because we decided to buy a house right before our lease was up. We never had any issues in those apartment either, even though we were hiding the fact that we had three cats and didn’t pay the deposit for them.

This experience is very different though. Mostly because this is the first time I’ve lived on the ground floor with neighbors above us. We got the worse kind.

The woman who lives above us is so loud, I can’t imagine how her upbringing was. She’s talks loudly, she walks loudly, she fights with her boyfriend loudly. It’s awful. Our other neighbors, who are both elderly women, can’t stand it. The woman upstairs is constantly moving stuff around in her apartment, she’s constantly yelling at her four year who runs off all the time, she stomps around her apartment like she’s mad. Her four year old runs up and down the stairs causing a ruckus. She doesn’t ever seem to get on to him for being loud. There are teenage boys from around the complex who come to visit her. I’m not sure why but they hang around on the staircase and I don’t like it.

The most annoying thing though is the way she and her boyfriend behave. One second we can hear them going at it like bunnies, then the next minute they’re yelling at each other out on the balcony for the whole complex to hear. He’s yelling at her calling her, calling her names  and she’s telling him to leave. Then a week will go by and he’s back. Then the whole cycle starts again. I could never.

This living arrangement has scarred both me and my husband. I know my kids get loud sometimes, I mean they’re 4 and 2, but I always try to get them to stop as quickly as I can. We try to keep our noise level down because we don’t want to disturb our neighbors. We have been looking at land. We want to stretch out and get away from everyone. We want some privacy and a patch of land to grow things on. We want chickens and dogs and a garden. We want a greenhouse. I want a shed that I can convert to a yoga studio. We also want to find some land with a home on it already if possible. We’re excited of the possibility of a fixer upper that we can work on together. We have lots of plans for the future and I can’t wait to write about those adventures for you all in the future! Hopefully we can start making them happen next year. I need to finish school first.

Anyway! I just wanted to share a little bit about what’s going on in my life right now. I hope you at least got a laugh at my predicament. It is kind of funny, but mostly annoying. On the bright side I’ve started growing a few things. I have a few house plants that are feeding my need to grow things for the moment. I even paint the clay pots they’re in to add a little color and to give myself an artistic outlet. I hope you all have a great day!


My ivy, Hawaiian Sunshine, and lavender. All in book themed pots. 

3 Comments on “Life in an Apartment and the Woman Upstairs

  1. Aw man, I’m sorry about your awful neighbor! 😦 Some people just don’t realize they are not the only ones in the world! I hope you can find the land & home you’re looking for ASAP. ♡ Your painted plant pots are awesome! I love them!

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    • Thank you! Unfortunately we might be in this apartment for a while due to unexpected changes. They’re exciting changes though so it’ll be worth it. She’s been a lot more subdued since she finally kicked her boyfriend out for real this time so it has gotten better.

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      • Aw well! I am happy for your exciting new changes. 😀 That’s awesome that the lady finally kicked her bf out for good. Sometimes those sort of relationships go on for way longer than they should!

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