Hello all! Here we go with the makeup posts. I thought it would be fun to showcase a particular eye shadow palette and give three different options for looks from it. I’ve seen YouTubers do this and I love watching those kinds of videos so I wanted to do it too. One YouTuber in particular that I like to watch is Nicole Quinn. She’s my favorite and I recommend you check her out if you enjoy that type of thing too.

The palette I’m going to be using is the Profusion Temptress palette. I got it at Target for only $10! It is a wonderful palette, definitely good quality for such an affordable price.



So the fist look looks like this:



Super simple. I used the shades Courage, Ember, Enigma and Charm to create this look. This is a look I do often because it’s really easy but also packs a punch. In other words it looks like I did a lot but I didn’t. I put Courage in my crease as my transition shade, Ember went all over my lid and Enigma went on the lower lash line. I highlighted my brow bone and inner eye corner with Charm and that’s it! So easy.


The second look is a little bolder and I absolutely love it.


I used the shades Courage, Champ, Thunder, Rocker and Charm. I used Courage in my crease as my transition shade, then I layered Champ on top of that. I used Thunder all over the lid, which is the perfect shade to wear to an Oklahoma Thunder game. On the bottom lash line I used Champ and Rocker, I blended them together with a Morphe pencil brush. I highlighted my brow bone and inner corner with Charm.


The third look was a little more out of my comfort zone.

I don’t normally adorn my eyes with silvers and purples but I actually really like how this look turned out. I will say it looks a lot better in person than it does in pictures. I used the shades Courage, Alchemy, Shell, Vinyl, Hard Rock and Sorcery. I used Courage in my crease, Vinyl on the outer corner, Hard rock on the center of my lid and Sorcery on the inner corner. On the bottom lash line I used Alchemy and Shell.


The second look is more my speed when it comes to makeup. I love doing dark, bold and smokey looks. I had a lot of fun doing this and I can’t wait to do more in the future! Which look is your favorite?

5 Comments on “Three Looks, One Palette

  1. SO stunning!!! I love the way you use bold colors- you know how to enhance your features without it looking like it’s “too much” which can be hard with those bold colors- teach me your wayyyyys! Haha

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  2. The second look is definitely my favorite, it is super fierce & bold. The last look is really pretty, too, though & the first one looks perfect for the Fourth of July, I love ’em all!!

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