Can you believe we’re already at the halfway mark for the year?! I feel like this year is just flying by and I am pretty grateful for that. I mean time flies when you’re having fun, right?

This month’s challenge is:

A book set somewhere you want to visit.

The book I chose for this month’s challenge is Witches of New York by Ami McKay. I think it’s pretty obvious where I want to visit. One day I will go to New York. One day. But until then I have to be happy with reading books set there and watching Friends. This will be the second book by McKay that’ll have read. The first was The Virgin Cure. I really enjoyed it so I’m thinking I’ll enjoy this one too.

My sequel book is Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas. The first one was just interesting enough to get me to want to read the next one. I don’t know if it’ll keep me interested but we will find out.

My classic book of the month is Paradise Lost by John Milton. A series that I love called The Mortal Instruments references this book all the time. At least the characters do and so I need to read this one to know what they’re talking about. I love when authors pay homage to other authors or artists by mentioning their work. I feel like it’s the ultimate compliment.

My for fun read of the month is The Wild Inside by Christine Carbo. It’s a murder mystery set in a harsh winter wooded area. So basically it’s two of my favorite things together in one book. I can’t wait. It’s also the first in a series so if I love it I get to keep going!

Well those are the books I will be reading this month. What will your challenge book be?


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