The hubby and I took the boys to Martin Nature Park in Oklahoma City.


There’s a cute little playground for the kids to get out some energy.

There’s a visitor center that is air conditioned to give you a break from the heat as well as educate you on the weather, animals and plant life in the park.

This is one of my favorites because of the nature part. The trails are perfect for feeling like you’re walking through a forest. I would not recommend taking a stroller down these trails though. We learned that the hard way.

There was a couple look outs.

There was a wonderful river to see. I loved just standing and listening to the rushing water. I wanted to get in it so bad.

We saw a cute little snake on a tree. My husband thought it was a vine at first.


And I thought this was a cute little witch’s nook.


We had a good time, got some sun, fresh air and exercise. The boys were worn out and next time we go we are definitely leaving the stroller at home.

4 Comments on “Toddlers Around Town

  1. That little playground is so cute. What a beautiful place to spend time with your family! Thanks for sharing the amazing photos you captured, Cadie. đŸ™‚

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