Last night I dreamt that I was hearing rumors of my brother having an affair with a married person. I investigated and found out that that person mysteriously disappeared. I was supposed to go on a date that night with my friend, Brandon, (because apparently I was single in the dream). We had a steak dinner, it was classy. Then he took me home and it was weird because my house was quiet. My brother was asleep in his room but there were little children sitting outside his room making sure he wouldn’t leave. They said it would be bad if he did. It was a strange dream.



I dreamt last night that I was wandering through a forest and had to follow some strangers so that I wasn’t alone. We came upon their ranch and Taylor Swift was there. I stayed with them even though I didn’t know them.

I also dreamt that we had a bunch of kittens and puppies on our front porch and it started raining so we let them all inside to get out of the rain but then people started coming by and dropping off their unwanted animals. Some of the animals refused to come inside. One article that I read suggests that dreaming of puppies means it is a good time to start a business and that it will do very well. I really really hope that’s true.


Photo by Chevanon Photography from Pexels

Last night I dreamt that I went on a trip with a group of people. We were all sitting around talking and I was going on and on about my sons but then someone pointed out to me that didn’t I have a daughter too? And then I remembered that I did but I would always forget about her. I said she just doesn’t have any personality at all. My sons have a ton of personality but my daughter doesn’t. It took me several minutes to even remember her name, which was Rachel Isabella. I then decided I needed to go home immediately and spend more time with my daughter.

I don’t actually have a daughter but this dream made me wonder if there is one in the future. Or maybe I just wish I had had a daughter.


3 Comments on “Dream Series #13

  1. I feel like some of your dreams could be turned into novels!! The way you remember them in such detail is amazing!! Thanks for sharing- always interesting to read.

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