The Goat

The room was dark. I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I could hear my mom in the other room getting into her own bed. The light under my door went off. I could feel myself slipping under.

I was flying. The air around me looked cold. I couldn’t feel it. The sky was gray. The earth was below me. It was a darker gray. It stretched on and on.

Up ahead I saw a figure standing in the distance. It was black and somewhat shapeless. I flew toward it. It looked like an animal on all fours. As I drew closer it turned towards me. I landed in front of it. It was a goat. It was black with blood red eyes. It stood straight up on it’s hind legs. It looked me right in the eyes.

“You will never wake up.” I heard a voice whisper. Though the goat’s mouth did not move I knew that was where the voice came. He never dropped his gaze. I couldn’t move. The goat came closer.

“I am here to take you.” He whispered. “You will never wake up.” He never blinked. I swallowed and tried to respond but no words came out. He placed his forelegs on my shoulders. He opened his mouth wide and went for my face.

I woke with a start. The room was still. I was sweating. The moon shone brightly through the curtains on my window. My heart rate slowed as I calmed down. I closed my eyes. I opened them. The goat was above me. He was covered in blood. I tried to cover my face but when I lifted my arms my hands were gone. At the end of my arms were just bloody stumps. I looked down at my body and my legs were the same. Blood covered my bed. My blood. I felt no pain. I was still asleep. I looked up at the goat and he grinned. He fell from the ceiling towards me with his mouth wide open.

I woke up violently, falling off the bed. I found my hands and feet with ease. I stood and went to the bathroom to rinse my face. I turned on the light. I looked in the mirror. A skull looked back at me. It was picked clean. I screamed. In the mirror behind me stood the goat. He was standing by my bed.

“You will never wake up.” Went the whisper. I ran for the window and jumped out. I woke before I hit the ground. I lay in my bed feeling all over my body for anything that was wrong. Nothing. I exhaled. Then I heard:

“You will never wake up.”


Photo credits: Pixabay

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  1. justnitablog says:

    Wow!!! You Always Pull My In Your Writing. I Love To Read What’s Coming Next. Awesome Job.

    Liked by 1 person

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