Since I have been so preoccupied with getting ready for my very first craft show I decided to do something simple this month for my something new. I tried a new restaurant.


I have been wanting to try this restaurant for a while. I love Cajun food and I saw that my friend Erica and her husband go to this restaurant often so I invited her to go with me. She and I both had the crawfish trio.


It had crawfish gumbo, fried crawfish tails and crawfish etouffee. The gumbo was alright, it wasn’t anything special. I mostly just ate the crawfish out of it. The fried tails were excellent, the batter was really nice and they were wonderfully salty. The etouffee was good, I appreciated that the roux was lighter. Most Cajun restaurants I’ve eaten at, their etouffee has a really dark roux and it’s too smokey for me. I like a lighter, more savory taste to it. I usually try to keep it light when I make it.

I really enjoyed sitting down with Erica and talking about books and TV shows. She and I have very similar tastes in these types of things so it was nice to just enjoy myself and her company for a few hours.

Have you tried anything new this month?

4 Comments on “The New Thing I Tried This Month! Apr. 2019

  1. Ironic because I literalllly just tried a new Cajun restaurant in the city too!! Your meal looks awesome- now I’m craving that New Orleans cookin’ all over again!

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