For our trip this time we decided to visit the Sam Noble Museum in Norman, Oklahoma. We went with our friends Karen and Elijah and the boys had a great time. It’s a museum of natural history and has exhibits of Native American history, dinosaur fossils and local wildlife. There was also an exhibit of butterflies that I think my mother in law would really like.

Everything is bright and colorful and kids can touch all of it. That’s what I like the most about this museum. The boys were very excited about it all.

Felix was not content to sit in his stroller so I let him out to run around with the big kids.

Cillian loved the dinosaur skeletons.

They really enjoyed the Discovery Room where they could play with puzzles, toy dinosaurs and letter magnets.


The Native American exhibit was really cool.



I especially enjoyed the jewelry and baby bed.

I think the best part though was the wildlife exhibit.

Cillian and Elijah decided to do  little pose for us.


They are such silly boys. We really enjoyed ourselves. If you’re in the area you should definitely check it out!


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