I love words. I love writing, I love talking, I love communicating.

I have always loved English. I love breaking words down and getting to the root of them, I love fitting them all together in perfect, cohesive sentences. I love the rules of grammar. I have just always been a word nerd.

I love other languages too. I don’t speak any other language unfortunately but I have always wished that I could speak all the languages so I can communicate with everyone. I hate not being able to communicate with all people. Communication is one of the best things about being a person.

Since learning all the languages in the world is impossible I’ve narrowed it down to the languages I really want to learn and hopefully one day I will be able to speak those languages as well as put them to use.

1. Tagalog

My grandmother is from the Philippines and can speak Tagalog but she never taught my mom so that means I never got to learn it. Ever since I knew that I was Filipino I wished that I could learn the language. A dream of mine is to go to the Philippines one day and hopefully I’ll be able to speak with the locals.

Image may contain: one or more people and closeup

My grandmother, Florencia.


2. Spanish

Where I live and where I’m from, there are a lot of Spanish speaking people. I think everyone who lives where I do should learn some Spanish. I have heard it spoken all my life and while I’ve never really taken the time to learn it I can understand a little bit of it. I can listen to a conversation and get the gist of it. I can’t form a sentence in Spanish but I can pick out certain words and know their meaning. I know it’s because I’ve been around it all the time. I would like to learn it fully so that I can help anyone who can’t fully speak English.

3. German

I just love the way the German language sounds. It just sounds so cool! I love watching shows or movies that are in German. One I’ve watched recently is called Dark on Netflix, and it was really good. I would probably just talk to myself in German if I learned the language just because I love to hear it. It is also fun to say. I only know how to say I love you in German but if I hear a phrase I try to repeat it and it’s just fun.

4. Japanese

I used to watch a lot of Anime and I preferred to watch most in Japanese, it just felt more authentic that way. It would have been nice to just watch it without subtitles and just know what they were saying. So I want to learn Japanese so I can go back and watch those shows again without subtitles.

5. Swedish

I have read a few books that are set in Sweden and the names of the towns are so crazy looking to me I don’t even know where to start trying to pronounce them. I would really like to learn this language for the sole purpose of knowing how to pronounce their words.

What languages do you speak? What languages would you like to learn?


6 Comments on “Top 5 Languages I Want to Learn

  1. Love this, Cadie!! I was just thinking today that I’d love to learn French. I know a decent amount of Spanish, but am in no way fluent. Also, Tagalong is probably one of the coolest languages!! I had patients that spoke it on occasion and just loved hearing it/seeing it written.

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  2. Swedish would be sooooo cool to learn! I wouldn’t even know where to go to study it locally if I wanted to (aside from apps). I don’t care when people say German is such a harsh sounding language – I love it, haha. I have some friends from Germany and I love it when they speak in German.

    I studied French from grade 4 to 11 in school and absolutely loved it. I wish I kept up with it after graduating but I’ve lost it all. I can read better than I can speak and write it now. If not to brush up on my French, I’d love to learn American Sign Language!

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    • Oh yes! ASL is also something I would like to learn. I met a young deaf guy who was just so angry that hearing people don’t take the time to learn sign language. I asked him if he would teach me and he taught me a few signs but it’s been a while and I have to look them up again.


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