March 8, 2019

I have a stomach virus. It sucks. My oldest had been so sweet though. He sits quietly while I nap on the couch, he covers me with a blanket and kisses me on the forehead. My youngest is still pretty needy. I can’t wait for my husband to come home and take over for me. I just want to sleep.

Yesterday there were helicopters circling over my neighborhood. They were looking for a car that was in the lake nearby. Over the last two weeks they had found 3 bodies in and around that lake. It’s making me nervous.

Tomorrow my cousin gets married and I won’t be there. Not because I’m sick but because she lives in another state and I don’t have the money to go. I hope it’s wonderful though. I can’t wait to see pictures. I’m going to try to put the baby down for a nap so I can get a little bit if a break.

March 15, 2019

One of my favorite shows to watch or just have on in the background is Friends. I know, I know, it’s every white girl’s favorite show. Well it’s a good show. I started watching it again for probably the fifth time, even though there are so many new shows I have been wanting to watch. Game of Thrones starts back up next month and I cannot WAIT! I honestly feel like it’s the best show of all time. The writing for that show is just insanely good, I almost cry from excitement when I see a new episode.

I went to the doctor the other day to have some blood work done and I found out I am low in iron and B12, but also deficient in vitamin D. So that’s probably why my moods have been so crazy lately. I’ve been trying to cut red meat out of my diet so that’s probably where the loss of iron is coming from. Hopefully by taking all my vitamins daily/weekly I can get those levels back up to where they should be.

March 20, 2019

I don’t normally drink caffeine during the week but I just had to because I got a new mug! My friend Andrea made it and I love it.


It’s how I feel about being a mom sometimes. Haha. Today is a blog day. I usually try to dedicate specific day to just blogging so I can get some stuff done for it. I’ve been pretty busy with my jewelry so I have to plan out my time better. My kids of course take up most of my time, but we have a routine. It’ll change though once Cillian starts pre-school this fall, which he and I are both very excited about. We went to the library today, which is always fun. I got the boys some new books to read at bedtime. The books we have here at home are starting to get old, I try to cycle through them but they need new stories. The library is just such an awesome resource. You get to borrow books for free and then give them back when you’re finished so they’re not cluttering up your house. I am not the kind of person who likes to hang on to stuff, I’m the opposite of a hoarder. I get rid of stuff constantly. I just don’t like having stuff hanging around that I’m not going to use.

March 23, 2019

It has been a crazy week. I’ve been running all over the place and helping out with my nieces and nephews and I celebrated my sister in law’s birthday tonight and it is just so nice to be in bed. I’ve been getting ready for my very first craft show! I am so excited. I have so much to do and so much to get but I’m loving it. I feel like that is where the money is, kind of like a musician going on tour. I can’t wait to see how it goes. I don’t want to get my hopes up though, I keep telling myself that if I don’t do well there’s always next time. I have to keep trying and don’t give up. Sometimes it just takes a while for things to take off. I just need to be patient.

In other news, spring has arrived here in Oklahoma and with it all the seasonal allergies. My children and I are feeling it. The runny noses, the scratchy throats, water eyes, sinus pressure. I’m over it.

March 28, 2019

I can’t believe how fast March went. It was just gone in he blink of an eye, I swear. Tomorrow I find out if Cillian’s name got drawn in the pre-school lottery. Here in Oklahoma, at least where I live, pre-school is not a requirement but it is offered. They just have a limited amount of spots that can be filled so you have to sign up to have your name drawn and if you do then you get to go to pre-school. If not you just wait until the following year and start kindergarten. I’m really hoping Cillian gets into pre-school. I am looking forward to running errands with one  less kid in tow. It’ll just be so much easier. Plus when the boys are separated they behave better so Felix will just be a little angel when it’s just the two of us. Cillian’s also a very social kid so he will most definitely enjoy spending time with kids his age. I just dread the day he comes home sad because another kid is mean to him. My heart will break for him. He’s so sweet and he just wants to be friends with all the kids he meets and he just wants to play and have fun so if another kid is mean to him it’s going to hurt my heart. I’m about to make myself cry now.

5 Comments on “The Days of My Life: Episode 4

  1. That’s so sweet of your oldest, trying to take care of you when you weren’t feeling well! So scary about the helicopters & dead bodies. 😭 Hope they found everything & everyone…

    Two my aunts tried to cut meat out of their diets & they only lasted so long because their bodies needed it. Even those pills weren’t enough! Hopefully you’ve found a good balance now!

    Love that mug you got from Andrea, her doodles are so cute. ♡ & I agree about the library!! I haven’t actually purchased a book in ages.

    I hope your craft show went well & that Cillian gets to go to preschool!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah I went back to eating meat so there goes that. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I just had to get that mug lol and Cillian’s number got drawn so he starts in August! Yay! And my craft show is this weekend. Fingers crossed it’s a success.


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