When I met Marc it didn’t take long for me to be interested in him. I met him at the end of my marriage and we started talking pretty much immediately. By the time my divorce was final we were in love.

Many people in my life thought that I was moving too fast. They would make remarks about me just getting out of a relationship then jumping back into another one. They kept telling me to give myself time. Little did they realize I was giving myself exactly what I needed.

Marc and I were only officially together for two months when we moved in together. We hadn’t planned on moving in together that quickly but it was what just worked out for us. I was living with a friend who was just so mad at the fact that I was already in a new relationship and she basically told me that if I decided to move out of her house when my lease was up to move in with Marc then she and I would no longer be friends. I had just left a relationship where I had been controlled and guilt tripped and manipulated. I was not going to let her do that to me, so I left. I didn’t have anywhere to go so I moved in with Marc. She and I are no longer friends.

When Marc and I had been together for six months we had pretty much established that we were serious about one another. I wanted to buy a house because I was tired of paying rent to a place that I would never own and I asked him if he wanted to buy it with me. He did. So we did.

After moving into the house we started talking about getting married and eventually having kids. I confided all of this in one of my close friends and she blew up at me. She started saying mean things about Marc and how I can’t have everything I wanted. That I was moving way too fast and that I needed to stop being so impulsive. She and I are no longer friends either.

We got engaged and had set the wedding. I sent invitations out to all my family. None of them showed up. I was told by both my parents that just because I bought a house with him didn’t mean I had to marry him. I wasn’t marrying him for the house.

By the time we had gotten married we had been together for a year. We fell in love, moved in together, got engaged and married all within a year. We were really happy.

The best part: we’re still really happy. 

Now we’ve been married for almost six years, been together seven. We have two beautiful, amazing, sweet little boys and we are still super into each other. We still have the best conversations, we still make each other laugh. We still go to each other when we need someone to talk to. We are still very much attracted to one another. He’s my best friend. He’s the best husband I could ever ask for. He’s the best dad.

Even when people doubted us I knew in my heart that being with him was the right thing, even when others thought I couldn’t trust myself. I trusted myself way more than I trusted them. Still do.


Photo by Trinity Kubassek from Pexels

4 Comments on “When You Know, You Know

      • No definitely not, but it’s really good that you had such a strong sense of self and belief in your relationship to know what was best for you. I hope that your relationships with your family and friends are back where you want them to be 🙂

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