I had the pleasure of sitting down with a friend who is a practicing Wiccan. It’s amazing to me that I get the privilege to come in contact with so many different people from all walks of life. I met Caitlin at a mutual friend’s girls night in and I was so fascinated to be talking to an actual Wiccan. I had never met anyone like her before and I’m so glad that she’s doing this interview for me.

What I found out about Wicca:

Wiccans strive to be in tune with nature and use it for their health and well-being. They do not push anyone to believe as they do, in fact they encourage all the different ways of belief and worship. They do not seek to have power over anyone else or to cause others harm, including animals. They do not believe in absolute evil and even those who are sent to hell can learn from their mistakes and be moved to heaven if they so repent their transgressions. It is a very spiritual religion and one must have an open mind. There are a lot of layers to it as well but I got all of this from a book called To Ride a Silver Broomstick by Silver RavenWolf, which was mentioned to me by Caitlin as you will read in our interview. 

Take a look:

Q: So what do Wiccans believe?

It’s a nature based religion. We worship the earth and are just grateful for what it gives us. We of course want to take care of the earth because she takes care of us. 

Q: Where does the religion come from?

It’s a very ancient religion, it’s been around since the very beginning. I think it just started out like all other religions, people were just trying to find ways to explain how the world works.

Q: What are some of your rituals? Do you do any kind of worship or prayer?

I cleanse the house with sage, I burn sage. Catholics do this as well in their churches. I keep what I call a witch orb in my daughter’s window. It keeps bad spirits out. I also use a quartz crystal to clear the air in my home. I have an alter, we just moved so it’s not set up yet but altars are supposed to face north. You need a bell, it stands for like a sort of punctuation at the end of a cleansing. You need a candle and a candle snuffer because you aren’t supposed to blow out the candle on your alter, it could invite bad spirits if your candle is blown out. You need an athame, it’s a blade of some kind to signify the splitting of something, like the time before and after the cleanse. You need a cauldron and something that represents the four elements. Those are the main things but you can have other things to. Some people like to have statues of deities on their alters.

Q: How did you come by this religion?

I was raised Catholic, very devoutly until I was in high school. I just didn’t like the way my family represented the religion so I got out of it. The great thing about Wicca is you can incorporate any other religion into it and make it your own. I still believe in God and I’m also Wiccan.

Q: Why do you think people think your religion is evil?

We do spells and by that I mean we focus our energy into something, which is our way of praying, and we use objects to help us focus that energy. Much like Christians hold onto crosses. People think we are trying to cast spells on others to make something bad happen to them but that’s not the case. We’re just trying to focus our energy into something we hope happens.

Q: Do you perform spells?

Mainly cleansing, really. I will sit with crystals and the representative elements and focus on something that’s been stressing me out to get over it. Or I may sit outside when there’s a full moon to just release some bad energies.

Q: What has your experience been like as a Wiccan? How do people react when you tell them you’re Wiccan?

I don’t really tell people that I’m Wiccan until I get a feel for them and how they will react. Here in Oklahoma, in the Bible belt, people tend to think I’m weird or a devil worshiper but I’m not. They don’t really look at it with an open mind. I have a sticker on my car that says ‘Witches are crafty people’ and I just thought it was funny but a guy that I work with confronted me about it and I just told him I thought it was funny. I didn’t even tell him I was a witch. 

Q: What books would you recommend for people to read to get an accurate representation of the Wiccan religion?

To Ride a Silver Broomstick by Silver RavenWolf is a good book to read. It covers just about everything.

Q: Is there a Wiccan Bible?

You make your own, it’s called a Book of Shadows. You could just get a notebook and write down what spells you use or you could buy one in a book store that’s already pre-made to help get you started.

Q: How do Wiccans view other religions?

We embrace other religions. Like I said you can incorporate any other religion into Wicca and make it what you want. There is no right or wrong.

Q: Do you attend a church or have a fellowship with other Wiccans? 

I do not. They’re called covens and you have to be asked to join one. I don’t attend enough festivals or events to get asked so I am considered a solitary witch. Which there are a lot of. But there are events that happen in Oklahoma City for anyone who is interested in learning more and participating in a coven. And there are different levels, Wicca is a religion you really have to study, almost like getting a degree in it. Crone, as derogatory as that sounds, is the highest level of Wicca.

I don’t know about you but I find this religion fascinating and I already have my own copy of To Ride a Silver Broomstick. I can’t wait to delve deeper into this religion. I really like the idea of it being nature based because without nature we wouldn’t be here. Also I am very much into the whole Mother Earth concept, life comes from women and I don’t feel like the earth, and all who inhabit it, is any different. 

I want to thank Caitlin for doing this interview for me, it means so much more when I can talk to someone who has actually lived these things and I’m so glad I met her. 


Photo by Ray Bilcliff from Pexels

9 Comments on “What’s With Wicca?

  1. Wow, thanks for sharing your interview with Caitlin! When I was younger, I was fascinated by magic and dabbled a little into it by looking up spells online and trying to perform a few that don’t require a lot of objects (I was a pre-teen with limited access to objects). My interest in witchcraft came back and I’m taking it a bit more serious this time around. Your interview with Caitlin is very insightful to see how she practices and what she believes in!

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  2. It’s an interesting subject. Some would say that witchcraft/wicca, crystals and spells are a load of rubbish. I’m not so sure. My wife is quite “alternative” in her views and a lot of the things that she has had me try – as opposed to conventional thinking and conventional health care – have actually worked. So I am a believer. Anything that keeps us centred/grounded closer to nature has to be a good thing. All too often the things we do in life are in opposition to natures way. We need to get back in tune with natures cycles.

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    • I agree. Especially all the health issues we have today is because the chemicals we put on our food or hormones in the meat and the amount of waste we create. The earth gives us everything we need and we need to be kinder to her and listen.


  3. I did a report on Wiccans in high school & was surprised to find out that they’re really not evil! This was super interesting to read, thanks for sharing, Cadie!

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  4. Great post and opened minded. I would like to recommend an author as well, and one of my favorites Scott Cunningham who helped me start my journey of becoming a witch. It is really nice to see Wicca portrayed honestly and fairly. I would also add that magic in my belief is what Christians call faith. Ritual is prayer and magic is a prayer answered. Blessed be.

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    • Thank you! Yes my main goal is to open the eyes of others and hope that they start seeing things as they really are not as their parents taught them. Respecting the perspectives of our elders is good but it’s also good for us to learn for ourselves.


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