Last month Cillian and I went to Texas to see some family so we of course took pictures.


I love visiting my grandfather in the Texas hill country, it’s so beautiful out there. I always feel at peace when I’m there. It was really foggy our first morning there and it felt like we were on an island.


My grandpa built his house on top of a hill and normally you can see four miles out from his back porch but on this day it was too foggy.


These are the stairs that lead down to the garage and the apartment above it that my sister lives in.

On our first day we spent the day with my sister, Sara. She is my youngest sister. She lives in the garage apartment I mentioned. She works at a bakery and goes to school in Austin. She’s pretty much got it made. We did some shopping and had lunch at this awesome German restaurant called Krause’s.


I only got a picture of Cillian’s lunch. I had an amazing bacon cheeseburger with fries and Sara had her usual chicken sandwich. As you can see, Cillian had mac and cheese. He even ordered it himself!


The weather was nice enough for us to sit in the covered patio area, which was really cool.

The next day, my other sister, Avery, and her husband and daughter came up to visit and we all got to visit.


We took the kids to Gruene where we took pictures, had lunch and stopped at Nature’s Treasures.

Some of these pictures were taken by Avery.

img_0017 IMG_0216


This is my beautiful niece, Delilah.

We had lunch at the Gristmill, a family favorite. Poor Cillian tried to order mac and cheese again but they didn’t have it.


He still has smiles for the camera, though.


It was such a great visit and I was so glad I got to see my sisters. I can’t wait until the kids are older so we can all do vacations together. So many good times ahead.


Cillian loves his Auntie Sara.

5 Comments on “Toddlers Around Town: Texas Edition

  1. What an amazing trip!! Cillian is too stinking cute with his personally ordered mac n’ cheese! Is this Hill Country near Austin? Looks so beautiful & quiet. thanks for sharing, Cadie 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow your grandpa’s land is beautiful. ♡ Sounds like you all had such a lovely time! I love all these photos. Thanks for sharing, Cadie!


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