It’s finally happened, y’all! I’m a small business owner! I’M A BOSS LADY. 

It all started nine years ago when I was working in a Hobby Lobby store and decided I wanted to try a new hobby. I chose jewelry making. I started with stretch bracelets and necklaces. I tried selling some but it didn’t do very well. I gave some as gifts but that’s as far as they went. Well last year I was thinking of ways I could work from home so that I could stay home with my sons and I remembered I could make jewelry. I started experimenting with new styles and tried my hand at making earrings. I was really impressed with myself and got a new hope that it could really work this time. So I decided to start an online store and here I am!


Check out my Shopify store, Dahlia Lux where you’ll find beautiful, handmade jewelry made by yours truly.


I’ve been working on getting this business going for months and it feels so good to finally have it up and running.


My main styles are very earthy. I love incorporating elements of nature into my jewelry as well as some spiritual aspects.


I got the name of my business from my favorite flower, also lux means light. I also wanted something feminine and uplifting, something that would be easy to remember as well as something a person would feel good about sharing with friends.


The dream of becoming my own boss is slowly coming true, I really hope you can all find something you like and I would so much appreciate it if you would all spread the word. I believe that even international sales are possible! I’m so excited to see where this endeavor takes me and I just want to thank all of you in advance for all the likes, shares, business, and kind words any of you decide to give me.

I’m so excited!!!

12 Comments on “I Have My Own Online Store!

  1. I love have been looking through your catalogue – there are some of your creations that caught my eye. Have you had any UK customers? I only wondered regarding payment and postage.

    There is a pendant you have named Katy – Goldfinch always wears one of those tree pendants around a chain he wears. I really like some of the earrings and pendants.

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    • I have not had an over seas customers, so I don’t know how shipping will be but I can ship to you, the website I use ships to other countries so it should calculate your payment and shipping correctly.

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      • I named that necklace after my mother in law. She would be so tickled if one of her necklaces made it to the UK. ☺️


  2. Hi Cadie,
    Congratulations on having an online store. I am just in the process of opening a novelty store on Shopify, and well am a little nervous since I just have the blog for now. I am working a trade show next weekend too. From one to another I wish you well and hope that we can share experiences. Good luck
    P.S. I sell Novelty items, toys and clothing. Mostly about mysteries. Let me know if you have any product related to Whodunit, for I would love a reliable supplier.

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    • Thank you! I wish you the best of luck your store as well. So far I have enjoyed using Shopify. It’s super easy, I have no complaints. I hope your experience is just as good.


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