Spring is in the air and I am so excited about it! For me, spring is a time of rejuvenation, a time to start fresh and clean. The air is new and everything is growing. It’s a great time to be outside in the sunshine.

For makeup looks and fashion in the spring there is a heavy emphasis on pastel colors so that’s the vibe I worked with to create these looks. I wanted something light and bright. Something that was colorful and whimsical but also soft. This is what I came up with:


The first look is a peachy look. I don’t normally do colors like this because I feel like they wash me out but it was fun to try something new. I used my Profusion Festival palette, pictured below.


It was only $12 at Target. It’s such a fun palette and it’ll be great for the summer time as well.

The next look I went with a pinky, purple look. I was going for just a wash of color, just something whimsical and girly.



I absolutely loved how this look turned out. It’s so cute and fun, I will definitely be wearing this a lot this spring. I used my Profusion Wanderlust palette to achieve this look.


This palette I also got at Target for $10. I really love Profusion’s makeup. I have tried their eye shadows, contour shades, highlights and lipsticks and have not been disappointed yet. Good quality for an extremely affordable price.

I used the Festival palette once again. I wanted just a pop of color and I thought mint was a great color for spring! This look would also be fun for summer.


When Cillian saw me after I had done my hair and makeup he said, “Mama! You look beautiful!” It melted my heart. He’s so sweet.

For the face I used: 

As you can tell I am very into my Profusion products. 

I hope you like these looks, which one is your favorite? Happy spring everyone!

8 Comments on “Spring Makeup Looks!

  1. ok. A- you have seriously the best skin of all time and B- these looks are so beautiful! I love how light, yet striking, these colors are . Perfect for spring and they really make your eyes POP! We have similar eye colors so I’ll have to check out this makeup 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Cadie!

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