Yee haw! These toddlers had a great time at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City!

The End of the Trail

It was a really cool museum, I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to go back. There was so much to see so it is definitely worth another trip.

There was a wonderful art gallery behind the statue of Abraham Lincoln.

There was a section on horses and a Native American exhibit. The main room where all the cool stuff was was really dark and using flash was not allowed so I couldn’t get any pictures.

There was a Western movie and actors exhibit that was pretty interesting,

There was a kid’s area for the kids to play and pretend and even dress up like cowboys.

They’re just too cute, y’all.

My favorite part, though, was the replica of an old western town.

I just love this picture.

There were a couple of exhibits that were pretty dark so I couldn’t get good pictures. I wasn’t allowed to use flash so the town pictures are a little dark but oh my gosh that places was so freaking cool. I loved it.

In the old schoolhouse.

It is such a beautiful museum and I can’t wait to take the boys when they get older and can really understand the history. If you’re ever in the Oklahoma City area I highly recommend that you visit. We had such a great time!

3 Comments on “Toddlers Around Town

  1. Oh how fun!!! I bet the boys just loved every second!! You can tell by the smiles. What interesting & fun exhibits! Thanks for sharing, Cadie- too fun! I’ll make a mental note to visit there if I’m ever in the area 🙂

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