I just wanted to briefly talk about a few bloggers that I’ve met on my blogging journey. The blogging community is a lively one, there are so many different kinds of bloggers and they are all amazing. I have met some pretty awesome people while blogging and they have made my experience so much better than I ever thought it would be. These bloggers I mention have been so supportive of my blog and have read, liked and commented on numerous posts so I thought I’d show them some love by sharing their blogs for you all to check out!

  1. The Perks of Being Different
  2. Hunida’s Blog
  3. Slumdog Soldier
  4. CrushedCaramel
  5. Rosie Culture
  6. Mackenzie
  7. Riddle From the Middle
  8. Everyday Magic with Jubilee
  9. Milca
  10. Perpetually Past Due
  11. FrejaTravels

With these bloggers you will find lifestyle tips, positivity, adventures and interesting thoughts and ideas. You’ll read about books, music, makeup, how to be happier and some really great life reflections. I have learned so much from these people and I think their blogs should be seen by all. They’ve inspired me and I couldn’t thank them enough.

I’m glad to call these people my friends and fellow bloggers. Their blogs are amazing and I look forward to reading their posts every time I see a new one pop up. You all should check them out!

12 Comments on “Some of My Favorite Bloggers

  1. Hey Cadie – thank you so much for the shout-out! lovely to wake up to see your post.
    It’s great to have other bloggers who you can count on to be looking out for your posts isn’t it. Have a wonderful day! 🙂

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  2. Wow Cadie! Such an honour to be in your list.
    I have been a bit lousy with the blogging lately, but this gives me new motivation.
    I agree with your list of the people I know! The rest I will start following 😀
    Thanks for this!!

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    • Of course! I think you have such a cool and different perspective and I appreciate it. I love reading your blog posts and I’m glad I could motivate you to do more. ❤️


  3. Oh my goodness- I am nearly in tears because your words are SO sweet- thank you for including me among such stellar bloggers & within your own post. I just LOVE your blog too, Cadie. I am thankful to know you & our conversations. Thank you for seriously making my day! ❤

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  4. Wow!! Thank you so so much for including me, Cadie. I can’t even believe it! ♡ Truly, it means the world to know you enjoy my blog. I’m also a big fan of yours & I am more than happy to have met you here!! You are amazing!! ♡

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