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I thought I would start the year off slow and do something simple first. I made lasagna.

I’ve never made lasagna before because it looked really intimidating to make. There are so many steps and so many ingredients and it takes a long time to make it. Well I was right.

I found a recipe on Pinterestย and got all the ingredients at the store. It was a pretty affordable dish to make, everything was pretty well priced. Another plus was that it made quite a bit so we have enough for another dinner.


The meat sauce seemed to take the longest, the noodles kept breaking and some were just shredded after we were finally able to get them out of the pot, the cheese mixture didn’t spread very well. I felt like it was kind of a disaster. But it tasted pretty great.


I ended up being pretty proud of it. The boys liked it. There are a few changes I would make to the recipe but other than that I would totally make it again.


Just goes to show you that you could think you’re failing the whole time but it ends up being just fine. I have made it again since the first time and it turned out even better the second time. It didn’t take as long either. Haha. Practice makes perfect I guess. Have you tried anything new lately?

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16 Comments on “The New Thing I Tried This Month (Jan. 2019)

  1. So excited about this new series, Cadie ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m laughing at “Well I was right” hahaha. It looks great & taste is all that matters. YUM! โค

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