I’ve known Sherry Huston for six years now. She was the first and only realtor we have worked with. She helped us find our very first home and ever since we have never used another realtor. We honesty don’t think we could find anyone better than Sherry.

Why? Because she’s one of the hardest working women I know. She really knows her stuff and she has never let us down. When we were looking for a home for the first time we were young and had no idea how to go about it. She really took us under her wing and taught us a lot about what needs to be done and how it all works. She has truly been a huge help to us.

When I started looking for blog post ideas I came across the suggestion to interview a person I admired, I automatically thought of Sherry.

After sitting down with her and asking her some questions I found that I admired her even more. She’s one of the most heartwarming people I know who has a real passion for helping people and getting the job done no matter what it takes. Here is how our interview went.

  1. Where are you from? I’m from Yukon, born in Oklahoma City. I moved to Yukon when I was a year old. 
  2.  How long have you been married? It will be 34 years January 18. 
  3.  How long have you been in real estate? Since 2002.
  4. What made you want to become a realtor? I used to work in banking and then when my kids were little I stayed home with them. My husband and I bought a tanning salon and I ran it for 8 years. I got sick of it. We didn’t have reliable help, I missed my daughters first soccer goal because of that. We finally just sold it. I’ve always liked to decorate and look at houses. When the kids got older I wanted to open another tanning salon but my husband said no. He knew that I didn’t really want to do it after all the horrible times we had with employees.  He suggested I go to real estate school. And I did and I never looked back.
  5. Are you happy in what you do? Do you feel like you picked the right path? I definitely think I found my calling. I just love showing people houses and seeing how happy they are when they have found the house they wanted.
  6.  What is your favorite part of your job? Making people happy. Knowing that I helped them figure out what they want and how to get it.
  7.  How do you deal with a difficult client? I just let them vent, I let them tell me their thoughts and I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt but if it doesn’t work then I will sit them down and tell them what we need to do to make it work. They hired me to represent them so they need to let me help them and sometimes they will let me and some will drag their feet but it gets done in the end. Sometimes I do have to give up and find them someone else to work with.
  8. What has been your best experience as a realtor? It’s hard for me to pick just one specific thing because they are all special and every transaction, whether buyer or seller, holds a special place in my heart. I truly feel this way.
  9. How has the real estate industry changed since you’ve started? Good or bad? Easier or harder? It has changed dramatically. It’s become more techie. People are using the internet and there’s so much research they can do before they even talk to you. It’s good because they do a lot of work themselves but bad because they think they know more than me. It’s harder for me though because not everything on the internet is the truth, I have to reel them in sometimes.
  10.  What advise would you have for anyone starting out in real estate? Or starting their own business? I would say you have to have at least a year’s worth of income saved up to do this. It’s not an easy start. You have to work for it, it’s not going to just fall into your lap. Life gives you what you put into it. You can’t expect to be a success overnight.
  11.  What do you wish buyers and sellers knew? I wish they really knew what we do. I wish they saw behind the scenes. I think they would have more respect for us and what we do for them. And people with more money are the worst. They expect you to cut your own commission to make a deal work. I don’t understand if they have the money why they would want me to lose some of mine so that they don’t have to pay up.
  12. Where did you get your work ethic? I was an only child growing up. My mother was very sick most of my childhood. I had to do my part very early on. I learned how to help around the house because my mother was sick and my father had to work. I didn’t step out of line because I never wanted to disappoint my mother. I did the right thing and helped as much as I could and I think that’s why the way I am. I just want to help people. My ultimate goal is I hope that I can plant a seed in someone. I hope that when they hit troubled times that I have done something to show them that I helped them and that I was there for them. I want them to know that they can make it, I want to encourage that happiness for them. I want to make a difference in a persons life. This job is also very cut throat. I know that if I don’t answer my phone or go that extra mile they will go find someone else. 
  13.  What are your hobbies? I love to garden. I could make a full time job out of working in my garden. 
  14.  What other jobs have you had? When I was young I worked retail, mainly shoe departments because I have a fetish for shoes.
  15.  How do you like to relax/unwind? Working in my garden. I only drink a glass of wine if it’s been really really stressful. Watching a movie with my husband is something else I do. We have a lake house we like to stay in every now and then.
  16.  Who do you admire? There’s a realtor that I know, who got into realty at a very young age. She sells a lot and makes a lot of money. I used to work with her mom who was also a realtor. Just her knowledge, and she handles situations with such grace. I still have to think about my words sometimes but I try to be like her. She is so productive and has such poise. She is someone that a fellow realtor and person can aspire to be.

I wish you all could see how her face lit up talking about her work and how genuine her tears were for what she really believes in and that is helping others. If you’re in the Oklahoma City area and need a trustworthy realtor who will help you every step of the way look no further than my friend Sherry. I promise you will be so happy you did.

I want to thank Sherry for doing an interview with me. I really enjoyed spending time with you and getting to know you more. Check out her Facebook page!


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