So I had a weird thing happen. I dreamt the other night that I was having a party and my sister in law was there, of course, and her hair was colored. It was the teal color I used to sport, when really her hair is purple. Anyway, she kept telling everyone, “My hair is fine! There’s nothing wrong with my hair!” All I had asked her to do in the dream was help set the table. Hahaha. The weird part was the day after I dreamed this she had taken the purple out of her hair! It was brown again. I just thought it was weird that I would dream about her hair being colored and then the next day it had changed. She posted a picture of it on Instagram and the caption read: “My hair is boring again.” or something like that. Isn’t that weird?!


I had another dream about a cat and her kittens. They were in a house all by themselves and I played with the kittens and they weren’t afraid of me. Dreaming of a cat and her kittens can mean that you have a warm and caring nature, which is good to hear because I am a mother. Haha. I also dreamed that I was in a public restrooms where the stalls were all gone and there were a bunch of strangers in there. Men and women both stood there while I tried to go to the bathroom. I read that this kind of dream means in your waking life you are feeling a lack of privacy, which also makes sense since my children are always with me. I can never escape them. I know it’s a phase but having them with me everywhere I go can be quite suffocating at times, especially while at therapy appointments.


What weird dreams have you had lately?

6 Comments on “Dream Series #9

  1. I had one bizarre dream recently which I intend to write a post on.

    I was roped into performing on stage, however, I noticed during the rehearsals that the person who had pressured me into taking on the role was completely unenthusiastic. He would not practice properly. He seemed to be disgruntled. I kept on appealing to him that the show was his baby – so could he please be more enthusiastic.
    Then when it came to the live performance, just as the curtain lifted he walked out on the show, leaving me standing alone on the stage in front of a huge audience and TV cameras having to try to deal with the show on my own, without him.

    I have thought about it a lot since.

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      • I am sure the dream stirred up feelings about my ex-flatmate Jack. (It was him in the dream).
        Because he is a celebrity and was used to being in the limelight.
        He expected me to be able to cope with the attention when he started to get involved with me. But he never seemed willing to help me to cope with the horrid and shocking rumours that were going round. I kept asking him to try to stop the gossipers. He would say there’s nothing he could do. Eventually as the situation became more and more troublesome and had serious consequences, he refused to even speak to me. I just had to deal with it on my own in front of all these inquisitive people who were wondering what was going on.

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      • It’s pretty crazy how long anxieties can stick with us. Sometimes the only way our brains can deal with them is through our dreams. Especially if we suppress thoughts of the incident. Not saying that you do, I’m just saying. I have a lot of dreams about past relationships because they were so traumatic for me.

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