It’s a new year! A new opportunity to start over and do things differently. The new year has inspired me to do some new things here on my blog and I couldn’t wait to share these new ideas with all of you amazing readers!

I have a few new series I plan to start, hopefully you like them!

  1. Book Challenge of the Month: As you may have already seen in a previous post, I’m doing  a new reading challenge this year. Before I was doing a book club style where I picked a book and we all read it and I would review it at the end of the month and you guys would comment if you read it or not. This year I want to give you the choice of what book you want to read and then we all talk about the books we picked. I figured this would be more fun for everyone and it would mix things up for me and my reading goal I have every year.
  2. Dream Series: I’m still continuing my dream series. It’s enjoyable for me to write about my dreams and what they could possibly mean so expect to see a crazy dream or dreams from me every month.
  3. Toddlers Around Town: This is a new series that I thought would be fun. Now that I have a camera to capture all the cute moments of my little ones I thought I’d take them to cool places around Oklahoma City so you guys get a tour by the cutest townies around. It’s also an excuse to get myself and the boys out to see the sights and maybe even learn new things!
  4. The Days of My Life: This will kind of be like a random rambles/ diary entry type post. I have a lot of thoughts and ideas so I thought I’d write them down and document them for later reflection and maybe even some cool discussions.
  5. The New Thing I Tried This Month: As per my new year’s resolution I have to try one new thing every month to enrich my life. I want to let you all in on what I do and tell you how it went.
  6. Short Stories: I plan to write a short story every month. Mostly I want to work on my writing and also get some feedback from my readers. Please feel free to let me know what you think!
  7. Book Reviews: Along with the book challenge of the month I intend to read other books throughout the year. I of course want to share with you guys what I read and what I think of them.
  8. Religious Studies: I really enjoyed writing a post on Mormonism, you can check it out here. Religion is just something that has fascinated me for all my life and I want to investigate others to see what they’re really about and to shed some light on religions that others may see as “bad” or “extreme”.

Well there you have it! Those are some things to expect this year on my blog. I hope you’re looking forward to reading some of these. I also plan to switch my posting days to Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday as those are the days I am off. I may post a few bonus ones every now and then but for the most part I will always post on those three days.

I also would like to know what other things you would be interested in seeing. I’m always open to suggestions and maybe there’s something you’ve seen here that you would like to see again. Just let me know! I hope you all have an amazing year!

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4 Comments on “What to Expect

  1. So loving your ideas very creative I especially like the book challenge of the month. Our group does a book club whereas we all read rather listen to the same book and come up with questions and conversations regarding the book. Keep up the great work

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