Ah yes, this post.

I have to do it. I love new years resolutions. It gives you something to strive for, to look forward to. It helps give your existence a little meaning. It makes you feel that the year won’t be a waste.

Of course setting the resolutions is only a small part, you have to actually do them to make them work. You can make a resolution for every day of the year but unless you actually do them you’re just expending air.

You don’t have to set huge resolutions. You can make them small and only a few. Or you can do two or three big ones and make little goals to make those big things happen. Whatever your style, I encourage you to make a list of things you want to achieve in 2019.

Here are my new year’s resolutions:

Start a small business.

I know, already I have a pretty lofty resolution. I’ve actually been in the works the past few months of getting this business started. I make hand made jewelry, candles and wall decor. I plan to get a website up for it this year and do a few craft shows to get this business off the ground. I also plan to expand it at some point to include soaps, body scrubs, bath bombs and other home decor type things such as pillows, blankets and furniture. I also want to donate a percentage of my earnings to an organization that either helps women, children or both in some way.

Get back in school.

How am I going to have time for these things? I have no clue but I’m going to make it work. I need to get back into school though so I can fully pursue my writing and gain the skills and credentials I need to become a full fledged writer for a living. Writing is all I’ve ever wanted to do so I will do whatever I need to to get there.

Improve my blog.

This blog isn’t going anywhere, in fact it’s just getting started. I have so many ideas for this blog and I plan to have it for a long time so get ready for some awesome content!

Try something new every month.

As if I don’t already have a bunch on my plate already. Since turning 28 and realizing that time is going by so fast I need to get into gear and start experiencing things while I’m still young.

Little goals:

  • Grow in my relationships.
  • Complete my reading challenge.
  • Get my three year old completely potty trained.
  • Go to New Orleans.
  • Publish a book.

I am determined to make 2019 an amazing year. I am going to be so busy I won’t have time to deal with negativity.

What are your goals for 2019? I wanna know!

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7 Comments on “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Well, you put it out there . . . . good luck! I can continue to read your blog and I bet if you get a website up of things you are selling there’d be something I’d buy. So . . . you have some support from me!

    Liked by 1 person

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