Happy New Year all!

I am so ready for this year, especially for my reading challenge. So this year I thought I’d switch things up.

Instead of me posting a book of the month I’m going to give you guys the choice of which book you want to read. Each month there will be a challenge and I hope you join me in this because I think it will be fun and a great chance for some old books sitting on your book shelf to get read.

So this month’s challenge is:

A book you own but haven’t read.

For me it’s The Host by Stephanie Meyer.


You can’t tell with the dust cover on but this book has been through it. My ex husband bought it for me when I was going through my Twilight phase by the same author but I never got around to reading it. I think I’ve had it for 10 years at this point. So I will finally be reading it!

Along with that challenge I have other books I plan to read this month. I have a lot of classics so I have assigned one to each month in order to get through them. I also have a lot of sequels to get to so there’s a sequel for each month as well. And just because I have a lot of books that I haven’t read in general, I’m going to add one in just for fun. Here are this months books:


1984 is my pick for the classics, The Last American Vampire is my sequel pick and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is my just for fun pick.

I will of course have a post at the end of the month letting you all know what I think of each of the books I read.

What will your challenge book be?

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