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We all have Christmas traditions. When I was a kid ours were we would visit both sides of the family. We would visit my dad’s side on Christmas Eve. My Nana would host it at her house and we would all crowd into her tiny abode. We would eat some very delicious food prepared by my Nana and the other ladies in the family, one of my uncles or my dad would read the story of Jesus’s birth and the reason for the season then we would all get to open presents. The kids would play, the grownups would visit and then we’d all go home to sleep it all off and wait for Santa to come with the rest of our presents the next morning.

Then we would go visit my mom’s side of the family. We would drive hours to get to my Grandpa’s house in the Texas hill country. I loved going out to his house, I still do. We would play with our cousins on that side and open presents and have an amazing dinner made by my Grandma Liz. We would usually stay a couple days since it was so far from our home. Christmas was always a good time when I was a kid.

I remember when I first learned that Santa wasn’t real. My mom told me I guess because I was old enough. I wasn’t supposed to tell my siblings but I think I did. We weren’t too heartbroken over it. We just started telling our parents what we wanted after that.

As I look back I think about what tradition we’ll have for our kids. My side of the family is a state away and with work schedules and the boys being young and hard to manage and not a whole lot of extra money for travel it’s hard to see them. So this year we will be staying home. I think we just need to figure out a schedule that works for us.

A few things I want to do with my boys every year is make Santa some Christmas cookies. I also want to have them open gifts from their dad and me on Christmas Eve. I want our presents to be separate from Santa’s gifts and special. They’ll get to wake up and find presents under the tree. I’m hoping since my oldest is really getting into Christmas he’ll be excited this year.


Photo by from Pexels

With young children there is so much time and so many possibilities for new traditions to come along. I can’t wait to see what they are.

What are your Christmas traditions? What are some you want to start when you start a family?


From Pexels

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