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As you may know by now, if you’ve been reading my blog, I have some pretty weird dreams. I don’t really know how to start these anymore since I do these pretty regularly so I think unless I have something important to say I’m just going to just jump right into it.

Recently I had a dream that had two parts. The first part was my brother having a fight with a ghost, or demon, possessed clown doll. He starts arguing with it and it can’t really do much at first but then it starts to hit him and they get into a physical fight. They happen to be outside and it’s a beautiful, bright and sunny day. The second part I’m sitting on a pier and the water is really high. It’s so high that the blanket I have over me is dipping into the water and I get very upset about it. There are also young boys jumping off of the pier into the water splashing me. I get up to go find my husband and he’s sleeping on my three year old’s bed but only his head is on the bed, the rest of his body is just hanging off and there’s water in the bed. His head is laying in the water and he’s sleeping in it.


Photo credits: Alexas_Fotos from Pexels

Let’s unpack the first part: I think I dreamt about my brother fighting a demon because my brother has a lot going on. I won’t go into detail because I don’t want to share his business with the world but just know he is dealing with a lot at the moment. I think I dreamt it was a clown doll because clowns are supposed to be silly and make you laugh which is what he did a lot when he was a kid. I also think the bright, sunny sky is supposed to represent how all around him things are fine but not in the current situation that he’s in.

The second part: Water is a big dream symbol, one of the most common in fact. Water has a lot to do with emotions. I am a very emotional person so this is nothing new to me. Haha. I must be upset about something because of my reaction to my blanket getting wet. Also, the splashing could mean I need to wake up and stop stalling on the plans I have, get back on the path to completing my goals. Trust me, girl, I’m trying. I’m not sure what my husband sleeping in a toddler bed full of water could mean though. That one has stumped me.

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Another dream I had I was being attacked by spiders. There were three and they were pink and yellow and one jumped at me but I crushed it between my knees. I read that being attacked by a spider could mean an offense by a woman in your life but I haven’t experienced this.

Well that’s it for now.

What weird dreams have you had lately?

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