Since I had quite a few views on my last makeup post I thought I’d do another! Let’s jump into it.


For the first look here are all the products I used. I tried some new products this time as well as some I already had but hadn’t used in a while.


My favorite look is a basic brown daytime smokey eye. This is my go to look for this fall because it’s super easy, it goes with everything and it looks like I put in a lot more effort than I actually did.


I sprayed my face with this before I started, I saw this in Ulta while I was shopping for Christmas gifts and thought it looked interesting. It smells really good, so far it’s nice but I’ll have to use it a few more times before I have a full opinion on it.


For the face I used Maybelline Matte and Poreless foundation. The coverage is great, poreless is not what I would call it but I liked the finish. The concealer isn’t really any different than their Fit Me concealer in my opinion. I used the Cover FX powder to set my under eyes and it was pretty drying. I was sad about that.


For my brows I used the Loreal Brow Stylist pomade and cleaned it up with my bareminerals concealer. This concealer is so old, I’ve had it for years but it’s still going strong and it’s great for cleaning up your brows if you get a little crazy with the pomade. The pomade is definitely my preferred way to fill in my brows but I’m not sure if I like this one as much as the Milani one.


For my eyes I used the Morphe 25B palette. I love this palette so much, it is a great neutrals palette and it’s only $18 so I highly recommend getting it.


The part I was most excited about was using this highlighting palette by Profusion. I used the shade 3 Wishes and I love it. All of the shades felt good when I swatched them, and it didn’t let me down when I used it. I didn’t use the brush that it came with, it wasn’t that great but the highlighters were amazing and I only paid $10 for it!


And of course to set my face I used my Maybelline Master Fix.

There’s a little bonus post for you! I hope you all have a great day!

10 Comments on “My Go To Makeup Look For Every Day

  1. I always love seeing what people use for their daily makeup! This is so beautiful & natural looking too. I have heard really good things about Morphe- need to add it to the ole’ xmas list. Thanks for sharing, Cadie!

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    • Thank you! I literally do this look every day, I’ll usually do something a little different for special occasions but I’ve done this look so much I could do it in my sleep.

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  2. Your eyes are so pretty and glowy, Cadie!! Both the Morphe and Profusion palettes are gorgeous. I can’t believe how cheap they both are! And may I suggest Tarte’s Translucent Smooth Operator Powder if you are looking to replace the Cover FX one? It’s expensive but so worth it. Not drying at all and makes your face look seriously poreless. πŸ™‚

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