Well it has come and gone, the mother of all feasts. Nothing beats Thanksgiving dinner. This year we all chipped in and made a few dishes of our own.


I made green bean casserole and cauliflower stuffing.


Hubby made cranberry sauce from scratch.

We had regular stuffing, lil smokeys, cajun chicken, turkey breast and so many other dishes.

There was broccoli casserole, candied yams and all sorts of desserts. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to get pictures of all the food we had. There was so much and I was really really hungry. I literally had nothing to eat all day so when dinner time came around I was ravenous.


I did manage to get a photo of all the kids in one spot, the little cuties.

I’m so thankful for my family and for Thanksgiving dinner. I love getting together with them even if it is chaotic and loud and a tad crazy. I know this will be one of the things we’ll look back on and smile about because when the kids grow up it probably won’t be as fun and entertaining.

I hope you all had a great feast. Leave pictures of some of your dishes in the comments!

4 Comments on “Fall Eats: Thanksgiving Edition

  1. Mmmm, I’m drooling! It all looks so tasty! & I agree about the kids making the get-togethers more entertaining.

    So happy to hear you had a nice holiday, Cadie!!! ♡

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