I told y’all this month is going to be all about food. This time I went to one of my favorite restaurants called Wing It! Fusion Cafe. Back in the day when it first got started it was just called Fusion Cafe.

This restaurant holds a special place in my heart not because I love the food, but because I used to work there when I was a teen. I knew the family who owned it and they needed a server since their daughters were going off to college. When I worked there it was just a little hole in the wall in Moore, Oklahoma. They didn’t have a big customer base, but they were pretty popular with the Korean community in Moore. Since business wasn’t as great as they would have hoped they moved to Norman, a smaller place on a busier street. The business took off. Now I’ve noticed that the people that are running it aren’t the same people as before. I think they sold it. I wish I would have gotten the chance to say goodbye before they left. Esther if you’re reading this tell your folks I said hi.



So they have the best wings I have ever had in my life.


We ordered the spicy teriyaki. They were perfect, as usual. They’re crispy and juicy and just all around cooked to perfection.


I ordered the Spicy Potato Stew, which is what I always order when I go there. It’s the perfect dish for fall. It’s warm, hearty and delightfully spicy. They cook it all day and it comes to the table boiling hot, complete with backbone. Kimchi, bean sprouts and stewed potatoes come as a side.


The kimchi is so good here and my kiddos love the stewed potatoes.

img_2901 img_2902

The boys got the chicken bulgolgi bowl, without the spicy of course. They loved it.


My friend Reagan got the same but with the spice.


Some of the pictures aren’t the prettiest because we were so hungry we almost forgot to even take pictures so some of the food was already stirred up and ready to be consumed. I’m a rookie at this, I’ll get better.

If you’re ever in the Oklahoma City area you need to check this place out, you will not be disappointed. See you next Friday with another Fall Eats!

6 Comments on “Fall Eats: Wing It! Fusion Cafe

  1. Yes yes yes! So excited for this foodie-filled month on your blog. 😄 That stew looks so dang good! I’ve never had it before but I really want to now!

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