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So let’s just get into it.

So a recap on the plot: There is a town called Black Springs and it is cursed. Three hundred years before a woman was hanged for being accused of witchcraft. She was accused of resurrecting her dead son. So the people of Black Springs sewed her eyes and mouth shut and hanged her. Now it’s present day and she shows up everywhere. The people are used to seeing her and try to avoid her. If you touch her you’ll die an agonizing death. If you hear her whisper out of the corner of her mouth you’ll go insane. If you try to leave Black Springs you’ll lose all sense of yourself and try to end your own life.

I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would. It took a long time to tell this story. I wish the author could have gotten to the point faster. It was good a few times in the beginning and middle but it didn’t really start to get good until the last five chapters.

The characters were really well developed though. They felt very relatable and I could clearly imagine the situations they were in. Like I said there are a few scary moments and there is a wonderful creepy, witchy feel to this book. The ending was very good, I just wish there wasn’t so much filler. I’m sorry if you read this one and liked it, it just didn’t hold my attention. It took me a lot longer to read this than I thought it would, I just kept falling asleep. Literally.

Best Quotes:

“It reeked of a past of cruelty and human disease, a past ruled by fear. Here terrified settlers had engaged in heinous atrocities, here they had hanged witches. Having fled to the New World, but with the scars of the Old World still etched in their skin, they had burned casks of pitch and herbs in the streets to drive away the tainted pestilential air while carrying their dead in sinister processions to be burned on pyres, all the while spreading the disease by excising their infected buboes. And here their descendants were driven one by one into the Hudson on a winter morning, never to be found.”

“And then–what next? What do you think the officials at The Point can do…Avada Kedavra and the witch is gone?”

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