I saw that The Haunted Wordsmith did this tag and it looked so fun so I thought I’d do it. If any of you do it make sure to put a link to yours in the comments so I can check them out!

  1. Sarah, Mary, & Winifred Sanderson: Being a witch is hard, but so is writing. If you had magical, witchy powers what aspect of writing or what part of the process would you magically skip over?
  2. Max and Dani: What relationships tend to be at the core of your books? Friends? Family? Romance?
  3. Amuck, Amuck, Amuck!: How do you approach the chaos that is drafting? Are you a plotter, a pantster, or a combo of both?
  4. I Put a Spell on You: How do you deal with book ideas that want to pull your focus from your main WIP?
  5. Thackery Binx: Things aren’t always what they seem–Think back to when you first started writing to where you are now. How has your process transformed from then to now?
  6. My Lucky Rat Tail: Do you have a writing ritual? If not, what are some of your favorite writing tools?
  7. Boooooookkk: Favorite Writing Craft Book?
  8. Another Glorious Morning: Do you enjoy writing in the morning? Or do you prefer the evening, like Winnifred?
  9. The Black Flame Candle: What’s one of the biggest mistakes you’ve made so far in your writing journey? OR What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned?
  10. Billy Butcherson: What’s a trope that most people hate, but you love and would like to see “come back from the dead”?
  11. Come Little Children: Songs that give you a “hypnotic” focus when writing? I.e., fav songs on your writing playlist


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  1. The fluff. I wish once I got all my ideas on the paper they would just magically arrange itself to make sense.
  2. I would say friendship. I just like the uncomplicatedness of it.
  3. For the most part I’m a planner but there are times where I just make it up as I go because I just need to connect the main points. The little things are the least interesting to me.
  4. I write them down, as much of them that I have formed, as well as the feelings and moods I have at the time and then just go back to it later.
  5. It’s definitely better. Like I said I don’t care about the little things but I’ve gotten better at perfecting the fluff.
  6. I don’t really have a ritual. I like to start in the middle of a scene and work outward because if I start at the beginning I don’t know where I want to end up.
  7. I really like Plot Perfect by Paula Munier
  8. I’m best when I’m well rested and fed.
  9. I’d have to say that dialogue has become something I’m obsessed with. I’ve gotten burned on that one.
  10. I love a good really evil character. I mean a really evil one. I would actually love to see a story where the villain wins.
  11. Arrival of the Birds by The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra

Image result for hocus pocus gifs

This was so much fun!

9 Comments on “It’s Just a Little Hocus Pocus (Writing Tag)

      • I’ve been working on my WIP since July and I am so tired of looking at it. I like it, don’t get me wrong, but its the constant little things that make me dislike it. Almost done though.

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  1. Loved this read, Cadie! Have you watched Dexter? I think you’d like it- he is technically “bad”, but you find yourself cheering for him. He’s a vigilante evil character haha.

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