Sometimes Halloween costumes can get a bit pricey. There’s nothing wrong with going all out, I mean it’s only once a year, but sometimes you just don’t have the coin. So I thought I’d share some ideas that you could potentially pull right out of your closet or get at a thrift store and be good to ghoul. See what I did there? Okay I’ll stop now.

90′ Grunge


This was me a few years ago. It was my oldest’s first Halloween and I was so focused on his costume that I hadn’t planned anything for myself. So I literally pulled all this stuff out of my closet and put on some heavy makeup and voila! Didn’t cost me a thing.

Zombie Bride

Image result for zombie bride costume

For this one you can just get an old wedding dress from the thrift store and rough it up. Get some cheap Halloween makeup at your local drugstore and make yourself gross. Super easy and super cheap.

Avril Lavigne

Image result for avril lavigne punk outfits

Again, you could probably find all these pieces of clothing at a thrift store. You might have to spring for some colored extensions but you can get those for cheap at the dollar store. Some of you may already have these clothes hidden away in storage from your teenage punk phase back in highschool.

Jason Voorhees

Image result for jason voorhees

Fellas all you need is a hockey mask for this one. Take some old clothes you don’t care about and tear them up or get some from the thrift store and do the same. Grab a fake machete and you’re set.

I hope everyone has a fun Halloween this year, I can’t believe we’re only a week away. I love Halloween and I love to make it last all of October.

What will you be dressing up as this year?

11 Comments on “Halloween Costumes on a Budget

  1. Love these! Halloween just kind of snuck up on me this year, so I’m definitely doing a last minute DIY costume before this weekend. I think I’ve decided on being a deviled egg–white tank top with a filled-in yellow circle in the middle and devil horns and tail.

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  2. I’m going as a scarecrow. I went out and bought a pair of clearance overalls and will wear my ratty yard work flannel and my horseback riding boots with some fun makeup and a straw hat. My husband is stealing my idea from a few years ago and going as a fantasy football player: he’s going to wear one of his (many) football jerseys with a pair of fairy wings and a tutu! 🙂

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  3. Such fun ideas, girl!!! I love Avril! I don’t know that I have any parties to dress up for this year– but if anything comes up, I will keep these in mind!!!

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  4. Great suggestions! I’ve got a friend who creates masterpieces from thrift store finds but she’s got mad sewing skills. I love that these are doable for the rest of us! 😊

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    • Thanks! I’m just always busy and broke so I love these kind of costumes lol I’m going as a scarecrow this year and it’s going to be super easy.


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