This was the first year I had ever painted a pumpkin and I gotta say, it’s my new favorite thing. I can even use them to make pumpkin pie later! It’s just so much fun and my oldest had fun doing it to. It makes me happy that I have a family who loves getting together and doing stuff. I like to think of my family as my village, the place I call home and the people who help take care of me and help raise my children. I married into my village and I couldn’t have asked for a better one. I got really lucky, y’all. Here are some pictures of all the fun.



Before all the fun.


My niece Allisyn.


My oldest, Cillian.


My sister in law Summer and her youngest, Noah.


Zane and Luke

All the lovely creations.


My sister in law, Sarah painting her donut pumpkin.


I was pretty proud of this guy. I painted him for my youngest since he would just eat the paint instead of use it for what it was intended for.

We all had a lot of fun, I wish my other brother in law and his family could have been there. I love my family and I can’t wait to celebrate the rest of the holidays with them. It’s coming up quick!

8 Comments on “Pumpkin Painting With the Fam

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  2. Looks like so much fun! I’ve only carved a pumpkin once when I was in Elementary school all by myself in the cold garage because my mom and dad were having nothing to do with the mess. My fingers froze from picking out the guts & I’ve never tried it again haha… maybe I should paint some like you did. The Frankenstein is too cute. 😄

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