So last week I was down with a HORRIBLE stomach virus and I didn’t get to watch a whole lot of movies. It was really terrible, I need to start taking some immune system boosters or something. It seems like I get one every year around this time.

Anyway! Here they are: *I do not own the rights to any of these photos*

Image result for paranorman

This is a great one for kids as well. I really like the story of this one, it’s about a boy named Norman who can talk to the dead. In his town a young girl was hanged for witchcraft 300 years before because she to could talk to the dead. Now there’s a curse on the town and the only one who can save them all is Norman. It actually addresses a couple topics that I think are good for kids to know about such as bullying, prejudice and just how to treat people in general. It’s one of my favorites.

Image result for hellraiser

This movie is soooooooo corny. I’ve seen it a few times and it just gets worse every time I watch it. It’s about a thrill seeker who happens to stumble upon the wrong box. It’s a puzzle box and once you solve it it will open a door to another dimension and you will experience pain and pleasure intertwined. After his crazy experience he manages to escape but he needs the life blood of another person to bring his body back. Cue the ex lover who volunteers to get him fresh blood. I think the concept was a lot cooler in the guy’s head when he came up with the story but it didn’t translate so well on film.

  • The acting is atrocious.
  • There is a lot of blood and gore.
  • There are some crazy looking monsters.
  • One random creepy guy.
  • I was so confused by the ending.

It was probably scary back in its day but now it’s just a cult classic. It’s the perfect movie to watch on a date night or with your friends because you might just get a good laugh out of it.

That’s it for the scary movies. I was able to see A Star is Born last night and I just have to talk about it.

Image result for a star is born

It is a love story. It is a musical. It is amazing. I loved this movie so much! Lady Gaga did such an amazing job I could not get over it. I already love her so much and to see her shine in this movie was just so awesome. I cried, y’all. Like full on weeping. The song at the end had me balling like a baby. Her voice gave me chills. You just need to go see it. I can’t wait until it comes out on DVD so I can buy it.

Okay, I’m done. I’m sorry I didn’t have that many scary movies to talk about this week. I promise to have some good ones next week. Have a great week everyone!

8 Comments on “Horror Flicks From Last Week BONUS: A Star is Born Review!

  1. You had me at the horror flicks, but lost me at the romance…lol. ParaNorman was great! Haven’t seen it for a while though.

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